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CAEXPO Sets Food P&P Machinery Area for 14 Successive Years

Source: CAEXPO Wechat     Time:2017-09-05 14:29:48

CAEXPO Sets Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Area for 14 Successive Years

China and ASEAN Cooperate Again in "Intensive Processing and Fine Packaging"
The 14th China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) will continue to set a special zone for commodity trade and Food Processing and Packaging Machineries Area ("Food P&P Area") during September 12-15, 2017 in Nanning. The Food P&P Area, set for 14 editions in a row, will continue to be a key platform of cooperation for food processing and packaging players in China and ASEAN.
This year, the Food P&P Area will focus on presenting machineries for general purposes, packaging, and processing, and large commercial kitchen equipment that ASEAN enterprises desire for.


How would this China-ASEAN cooperation in "Intensive Processing and Fine Packaging" surprise when coming to the 14th year?

Rave Comments on the Food P&P Area

The 1st CAEXPO attracted 60+ exhibitors to the Food P&P Area, and this year, the number increases to about 100. Many of these exhibitors, successful in ASEAN and even the global market, are singing praises for the Food P&P Area.

"This is the third successive year that Youngsun Intelligent Equipment has participated in CAEXPO. Here is a great platform for us to meet so many partners from ASEAN countries. Our products have already been shipped to more than 80 countries and regions across the globe, including all ten ASEAN countries, America, Germany, Korea, and Italy. The success must pay tribute to our independence R&D capacity, remarkable production, installation and debugging", Youngsun Intelligent Equipment, an "old friend" of CAEXPO, has seen fruitful results from intensive, multi-dimension cooperation with ASEAN and global food processing and packaging enterprises.

Booths for food processing and packaging enterprises are now hard-to-get at the 14th CAEXPO. So far, a total of 74 enterprises have confirmed to join the gala, including famous players like Hangzhou Youngsun, Jiangyin Xinda, Zhangzhou Jialong, Xiamen East Asia Machinery, Guangzhou APM, and Guangxi Zhongmeng. Estimated 185 booths will be offered to present mixing equipment, packer and material, processing equipment for meat, fruit and vegetable, and large commercial kitchen equipment.

"Compared to previous years, 56% of exhibitors in the Food P&P Area this year have participated last year, a 10% growth compared to last year. And 50% of booths will be specially decorated, a year-on-year growth of 9%. In addition, exhibits are upgraded in both quantity and quality. Recognition for and brand awareness of the Food P&P Area keeps growing blessed by the CAEXPO", said officer from CAEXPO Secretariat.

"Made in China" Popular in ASEAN

Coconut candy from Vietnam, dried mango made in Malaysia, crispy durian cake of Thailand...these featured snacks from ASEAN countries have been introduced to China and become a star in major supermarkets in recent years. The popularity also drives the rapid growth of food processing and packaging machineries.

China and ASEAN are perfect for each other in food processing and packaging. ASEAN countries abound in agricultural products, and most of them need to be processed in an intensive value for more added value. Food processing and packaging machineries made in China have a sharp edge of a low cost, fast delivery, and easy maintenance over those from developed countries in the west, and therefore are favored by ASEAN enterprises.

"Food processing and packaging machineries purchased from China are of stable performance and credible quality, making our production easier and saving much for us." Tabaco, the biggest food company in Mid-North Vietnam, is one of the "big winners" at the CAEXPO. Such rich variety of food processing and packaging products on display offers an array of choice for Vietnam buyers, which are satisfied with the customized service provided.

Zhangzhou Kehong Electronics Co., Ltd, an old friend of CAEXPO, mainly markets electronic rationed packing scales, vacuum reshaping packer, and grain machineries, which are popular among buyers from Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Thailand. Spot turnover and export volume of intention have been increasing over years. "CAEXPO builds a bridge for us to explore ASEAN markets, and we will come again with our best products this year", said Kehong managers.

Data show that food packaging machineries exported to ASEAN are now mainly whole production line rather than single product, and the annual export volume has rocketed to over US$600 million from US$80 million a decade and over ago. ASEAN countries are another key destination for China's food processing and packaging machinery industry following Middle East and Africa.

Fueling A New Round of Upgrade for China-ASEAN Cooperation in Food Processing and Packaging

During the 14th CAEXPO, the host has organized a series of events to promote China-ASEAN communication and cooperation in food processing and packaging and increase trade efficiency.

Fine Matching of Trade and Investment. Professional audience can enjoy customized service package at the 14th CAEXPO, including information consulting, business matching, cooperation negotiating, and inspection supporting. It should be noted at this year marks the 14th successive edition of cooperation partnering conference for food processing and packaging machinery. Industry exhibitors and buyers have access to even finer matching of trade and investment via spot matching, hall visiting, booth matching, and special site arranging.

Targeted Topic Discussion. More than 10 professional forums will be held at the CAEXPO, covering fields like food processing and packaging machinery, electrical equipment, building material, engineering machinery, and environmental protection. Authoritative experts, officials from competent departments, representative of industry associations, and enterprise leaders will be invited to discuss the current development and future trend of the industry, and explore its latest frontier.

Better Exhibition Service. Hall E will be added for the 14th CAEXPO to expand the exhibition scale. Improvement is seen in both hardware (facilities) and software (service), and both exhibitors and buyers will gain even more convenient experience in certificate handling, catering, travelling, security check, exhibit transportation, and customs clearance.

A number of other events organized by the host will help to facilitate trade and investment results of the Agricultural Exhibition. A combination of exhibition, conference, and events will excite Nanning in September. Come and join us!

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