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The CAEXPO agriculture exhibition Presents Biz Opportunities

Source: CAEXPO Wechat    Time:2017-09-10 12:05:42

Exhibition, Conference, and Event All in Nanning
The 14th CAEXPO Agriculture Exhibition Presents Exciting Business Opportunities
The autumn Nanning again gathers together old and new friends.
The 14th CAEXPO Agricultural Exhibition will unveil itself at Guangxi Exhibition Hall during September 12-15. This is the ninth successive year that CAEXPO holds the Agricultural Exhibition. What surprise will wait for us at this "ace exhibition" of CAEXPO? Let's stay tuned!
A Collection of Top Agriculture Products from China and ASEAN
We still have vivid memory for those stories of fortune that took place here: Xi'an Shanmei Food Co., Ltd. and Thailand United Food Co., Ltd. signed a RMB54 million purchase and sales contract for 3,000 tons of preserved kiwi fruit. Guangxi Pubei Nanguo Fruit Planting Cooperative signed RMB30 million contracts of intent for purchasing with fruit buyers from Singapore and Malaysia. Xi'an Qinlv Fruit Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Yang's Fruit Co., Ltd. agreed on the purchase and sales of 500 tons of fresh pomegranate valuing RMB6 million...
The exhibition will continue to display high-end agricultural products from China and ten ASEAN countries, according to CAEXPO Secretariat officer. Exhibits include mainly fishery products, green agricultural products, packaged food, tea leaf, and featured coffee and agricultural products from ASEAN. As e-commerce trade has gained ground, the "e-commerce exhibition area" will be expanded to offer booths fourfold that of last year. Informatization will be a driver for the transformation and upgrade of agriculture with respect to production, operation, management, and service.
ASEAN countries are world-renowned producer of high-quality coffee, which will be brought to the exhibition again. Coffee and food brands from ASEAN countries like Malaysia and Vietnam will gather together to present a feast of Southeast Asia coffee for exhibitors and audiences.
The CAEXPO Agricultural Exhibition is becoming a must attend for a growing number of domestic and foreign food enterprises. As of the end of July, a total of 580 enterprises have applied for 650 booths at the Agricultural Exhibition. Among these include Yunnan LongRun Tea Leaf Group, Guizhou Guangxiu Eco -Food Co., Ltd., TAETEA Group, Guangxi Wuzhou Tianmei E-commerce Co., Ltd., and Nanning Co-op E-commerce Co., Ltd.
China-ASEAN International Agriculture Cooperation Exhibition Area
CAEXPO has set since last year "China-ASEAN International Agriculture Cooperation Exhibition Area" in its main venue at Nanning International Convention&Exhibition Center for multiple purposes: to propaganda China-ASEAN results in agricultural cooperation, promote foreign investment and cooperation, build a professional platform of agricultural cooperation between China and ASEAN, and drive an intensive, deeper agricultural cooperation between China and ASEAN.
The "China-ASEAN International Agriculture Cooperation Exhibition Area" at the 14th CAEXPO is themed by "Focus on Brand Building and Promote Mutual Opening", and mainly presents China-ASEAN achievements in agricultural cooperation, brand building, overseas agricultural parks, leading agricultural technology and investment projects, logistics, and cold chain transportation. This year will attract 12 Chinese provinces and cities and eight agricultural giants, including China State Farm Agribusiness (Group) Corporation, Yuan Long Ping High-Tech Agriculture Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Genomics Co., Ltd., and Xi'an Baiyue Goat Milk Group Co., Ltd.
The Agricultural Exhibition Recognized As A Key Platform
The CAEXPO Agricultural Exhibition has seen nine successful editions, which should be attributed to the huge support from agriculture departments of Chinese provinces and cities, which have been valuing highly the platform.
This year, domestic leading enterprises have applied for nearly 200 booths at the exhibition. Jiangxi, Sichuan, and Dalian stand out by bringing top-quality exhibitors and exhibits to CAEXPO.
Guangxi, home to CAEXPO, is a must participator of the Agricultural Exhibition. The 480 m2 Guangxi Agricultural Exhibition Pavilion will be specially decorated to show agricultural specialities and quality products from Guangxi. Coming onto the stage will be an array of "star" products and "emerging" brands, an evidence of the Modern Featured Agriculture (Core) Demonstration Area's boost for the industry. Audiences from China and ASEAN will know better what modern featured agriculture has achieved in Guangxi, and many of them will definitely be attracted to visit, tour and consume in the demonstration area.
Wonderful Events to Facilitate Trade and Investment
A series of professional forums and events will be held during the exhibition to provide exhibitors with more information and create for them more opportunities.
The 2nd China-ASEAN Agricultural Cooperation Forum and The 1st "Belt and Road" (ASEAN) Agricultural Investment and Cooperation Forum. The construction of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road will create countless opportunities, challenges and promising prospect for China-ASEAN agricultural cooperation. This year, the CAEXPO will also see the 2nd China-ASEAN Agricultural Cooperation Forum and the 1st "Belt and Road" (ASEAN) Agricultural Investment and Cooperation Forum, which aims to form a "Government-Industry-University-Research" cooperation mechanism that leverages the CAEXPO platform to further agricultural cooperation in all fields. Agriculture officers from ASEAN countries, ASEAN Secretariat representatives, FAP, WFP, IFAD and domestic and foreign enterprises representatives will be invited to the forums.
More enterprises voluntarily hold conferences, forums and matchmaking events via the Agricultural Exhibition Besides the China-ASEAN Agricultural Cooperation Forum, Guangxi United Create International Exhibition & Conference Co., Ltd., Nanning Guite Trade and Commerce Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Tea Association will present another four events, including E-commerce Matchmaking Conference for Agricultural Products Inside and Outside Guangxi, Supplier Recruitment Meeting of Guite Fresh Produce Flagships, Tea Leaf Selection, and Exchange Meeting on Wemedia Brand Marketing and Branding for Agriculture Enterprises.
A number of other events organized by the host will help to facilitate trade and investment results of the Agricultural Exhibition. A combination of exhibition, conference, and events will excite Nanning in September. Come and join us!

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