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News Briefing Presents the Highlights of the 14th CAEXPO & the 14th CABIS

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2017-09-11 16:13:58

The News Briefing of the 14th China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) and the 14th China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit (CABIS) was held in Nanning, Guangxi, China on the morning of September 11. Mr. Gao Feng, spokesman the Ministry of Commerce of China and Ms. Yang Yanyn, Vice Secretary General of the CAEXPO Secretariat briefed the journalists from home and abroad on the 14th CAEXPO and the 14th CABIS.
Mr. Gao Feng said that this year marks the 50th anniversary of ASEAN and the China-ASEAN Year of Tourism Cooperation, and it is a crucial year to build the Belt and Road. Featuring the theme of “building the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, promoting regional economic integration through tourism”, the 14th CAEXPO and the CABIS will arrange a series of events, including high-level dialogue, exhibitions and forums, aimed at promoting synergy and complementarities between development strategies, deepening cooperation in a wider range of fields, and moving forward friendly cooperation between China and ASEAN. 
A high-profile gathering: H.E. Zhang Gaoli, vice premier of the State Council of PRC, His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei, H.E. Hassanal ,H.E. Hun Sen, prime minister of Cambodia, H.E. Truong Hoa Binh, executive vice prime minister of Vietnam, H.E. Sonxey, deputy prime minister of Lao PDR, and H.E. Askar Mamin first deputy prime minister of Kazakhstan will participate in the 14th CAEXPO. It is the first time for the CAEXPO to have state leaders representing countries beyond the China-ASEAN region. Meanwhile, ministers and vice ministers of China and the ASEAN member states, Deputy Secretary General of ASEAN, envoys of diplomatic corps of China, the ASEAN member states and the surrounding countries, renowned entrepreneurs and businesses and luminaries of other professions will gather and participate.
Larger exhibition space: The NICEC, the main venue of the 14th CAEXPO, will cover a total exhibition area of 124,000m2, with a new hall of 14,000m2 put in use. 6,600 booths will be set up. The ASEAN member countries and other foreign countries will use an exhibition area of 33,000m2. 8 ASEAN member countries will have their commodity pavilions, including Brunei Darussalam, the country of honor for the 14th CAEXPO, which does so for the very first time. A display zone for smart manufacturing and equipment and that for environmental protection will be arranged for the first time. MOFCOM will host the first-ever Exhibition on Chinese Silk Industry Innovation and Development. The Belt & Road Exhibition will be unveiled, with focus on distinctive products from the countries along the routes, including Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka , Nepal, Pakistan.
More sideline forums will be held during the 14th CAEXPO to provide more value-added services for the participants. The 14th CAEXPO will feature building the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road to host 36 high-end events on sideline, among which, 25 are held during the fair period, hitting a historical record. It is the first time for the CAEXPO to host concurrent forums on/for China-Kazakhstan regional cooperation, maritime tourism, space information corridor, biomass energy, Chinese and Cambodian entrepreneurs, law experts, finance and taxation, disaster prevention and reduction, humanitarian exchanges and start-up business of women entrepreneurs.
More forums will arrange themed exhibitions on sideline. The China-ASEAN Environmental Protection Forum will host a relevant exhibition on sideline. Forums on international production capacity cooperation, mining cooperation, technology transfer, finance, agriculture and vocational education also host theme exhibitions on sideline. “Forum + Exhibition” has promoted the pragmatic cooperation in various industries and practically upgraded the development of relevant industries.
The 14th CAEXPO will further optimize its supporting services in on-site administration by adding more customs surveillance equipment, speeding up exhibit clearance and delivery and booth construction and tear-down and providing paperless services. We will continue to establish the Joint Law Enforcement Team to fight against sales of counterfeit products. In addition, it has adopted more effective measures to improve services in transportation, catering, pass application, security check and business talk environment.
Innovation on the CAEXPO Special Partner mechanism: The CAEXPO Special Guest Country mechanism is entitled as the CAEXPO Special Partner mechanism starting from this year, which will be open to countries along the routes. Kazakhstan is invited to be the special partner of the 14th CAEXPO. The Ministry of Commerce of China (MOFCOM) and the Kazakhstan government will jointly host the 1st China-Kazakhstan Regional Cooperation Forum, presented by the visiting state leaders of both countries. In addition, Kazakhstan will set up a national image display zone and host a promotion conference on trade and investment opportunities during the fair period.
This year marks the beginning of the second round of implementation of the Country of Honor mechanism, and Brunei Darussalam takes the honor again. On the list of events for Brunei, apart from the opening ceremonies of the Pavilion of City of Charm and the Brunei Commodity Pavilion, there will be a promotion conference on investment climates and tourism, the Brunei-Guangxi Economic Corridor Cooperation Forum and trade and investment promotion events, all aimed at deepening the cooperation between China and Brunei in the fields like energy, infrastructures, SMEs, agriculture, Halah food, education, culture and tourism, etc.
More targeted business matching events: The 14th CAEXPO has totally attracted 2709 exhibiting enterprises, 1.5% more than those of the previous session, including Fortune 500, industrial leading enterprises, brand companies and renowned private companies. 95 buying missions and investors delegations have registered, up by 6.7% from the year before. Over 10,000 trade visitors will be organized to participate in the business matching events on sideline, with 4000 buyers representing the 10 ASEAN member countries, European countries, the U.S, Latin America, Middle East, South Asia and Africa. Over 80 trade and investment promotion events will be arranged, covering wider-ranging areas. With participants from more countries and international organizations, these events are expected to reap richer economic returns.  
The 14th CABIS will reach new consensus to better serve the exchanges of business communities between China and ASEAN. The 14th CAEXPO will collect and represent voices of the business communities of China and the 10 ASEAN countries, thus to further strengthen the exchanges and cooperation of the business communities of the 11 countries. It will host the Roundtable Dialogue between Brunei Leader and Chinese CEOs, the China-ASEAN Business Leaders’ Forum, the Networking for the China-ASEAN Cross-border E-commerce Platform, the Symposium on China-ASEAN Business Law Cooperation, the BIMP-EAGA Trade and Investment Seminar and Business Launch, for the political and business dignitaries to have face-to-face talks, for the project owners to find investors and for the enterprises to establish partnership in trade, investment, connectivity, production capacity and other fields. By doing this, we hope to translate the upgraded version of China-ASEAN FTA into real benefits, thus to contribute to an even closer China-ASEAN Community of Shared Destiny.   
The 14th CAEXPO will provide more considerate, convenient and speedy services for the press. Ms. Yang Yanyan said that the 14th CAEXPO will adopt following measures to provide services for the press: 1. continuing with the model of “Central Kitchen”, which can timely provide textual materials, pictures and videos for the press; 2. setting up Press Center with efficient and considerable services; The NICEC Press Center at 1F, Zone B, with an area of 848 m2, will be partly used as Media Office open for the reporters during the fair period. Such office will also be available at Yongzhou Hotel. 3. Improving the CAEXPO official Weibo, Wechat and Webapp, for journalists to conveniently obtain updated information on the 14th CAEXPO and its sideline programs and events anywhere; and 4.opening channels for journalists to make comments and suggestions, including particularly designed questionnaire, Suggestion Box and face-to-face talks with press people. 
Up till yesterday, 1370 journalists and reporters of 184 media from home and abroad have arrived in Nanning to cover the 14th CAEXPO. Among them, 116 are from 70 media of ASEAN and other countries.


News Briefing Presents the Highlights of the 14th CAEXPO & the 14th CABIS

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