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The 15th CAEXPO will be held on:

Sep 12th-15th,2018 8:30-17:00 (Trade Days)

Sep. 15th,2018(Public Day)


Cambodia Exhibition becomes “hot” enough before the 2018 CAEXPO opened, “Big shots” from everywhere enroll in the exhibition enthusiastically.

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2018-02-28 14:27:05
2018 is the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the China-ASEAN strategic partnership and the formation of the China-ASEAN Expo (Hereinafter referred to as CAEXPO). Besides, the 15th anniversary of the formation of the China-ASEAN Expo, it is also the year for the establishment of the China-ASEAN innovation. Further, it is also the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Cambodia. Cambodia is once again selected as the “Country of honor” for CAEXPO, in which the friendly relations between China and Cambodia will usher in a new development opportunity.

CAEXPO Cambodia Exhibition 2018 will be held in Diamond Island Convention & Exhibition Center (DICEC) in Phnom Penh from 30th March 2018 to 1st April 2018 and the purpose of this expo is to help Chinese enterprises to better display their products and corporate images, to understand Cambodia trade policies, investment environment and the cooperation prospects in Cambodia as well as to share business opportunities amongst each other. The exhibition will mainly display machinery and equipment, electronic appliances, light industry technology, agricultural products, agricultural resources, investment cooperation, high-technology industry and so on. During the exhibition, trade and investment cooperation projects activities will also be carried out.

CAEXPO Cambodia Exhibition 2018 is the largest outdoors exhibition of CAEXPO since its inception, with the size of 8,150 square meters with a total of 425 booths. The total number of exhibitors has hit a new high record for outdoors exhibitions in CAEXPO. By now, there are already about 290 well-known Chinese and Cambodian companies have joined the exhibition.

All these well-known companies will showcase and display their excellent corporate images as well as gives opportunities to seek business opportunities and common development together.

So who are these well-known Companies and what kind of dazzling performance and display will they bring to us?


China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center (CATTC)


●At present, China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center is the only national-level technology transfer agency for ASEAN in China. It is mainly responsible for providing technology supply and demand information of China and ASEAN countries with important value of the industrial supply, organizing high-level technology transfer activities, providing high-quality technology transfer supporting services and providing professional ASEAN policies interpretation as well as consultancy services and an efficient China-ASEAN channel for technology transfer.

●China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center has set up a bilateral technology transfer centers with eight ASEAN countries including Cambodia to develop 2,203 members of China-ASEAN cooperation networks including 604 in ASEAN. CATTC has made some outstanding contributions to advancing the "One Belt One Road" initiative, promoting advanced and high-level technology transfer and innovation cooperation between China and ASEAN countries and promoting the integration of innovation and development in the region.


Guangxi Guobo Technology Co., Ltd.


●The first private enterprise in Guangxi to provide technology transfer services to foreign countries. It is also a demonstration center for technology transfer in Guangxi.

●Create more valuable technology transfer service platform for scientific and technological cooperation with more professionals in the industry to provide efficient and comprehensive services for advanced and high-level technologies and products.

●With abundant experiences in technology transfer and technical services, we have cooperated with many trade associations in various fields in China and trade associations in many countries in Southeast Asia and maintain good cooperation relations involving more than 200 enterprises with many technical service activities being carried out on foreign technology transfer.

●Cooperated with a number of domestic research institutes and universities to establish a collaborative relationship, actively organize and led a large number of large and medium-sized domestic science and technology enterprises to go global with leading enterprises to go abroad for more scientific and technological achievements, newly developed products and advanced technologies.


Guangxi Fu Wo De Agricultural Technology International Cooperative  Co., Ltd.


●An example of in-depth cooperation in agricultural projects and trade in agricultural products with Cambodia.

●To undertake the "China-Cambodia Agricultural Promotion Center" for Cambodia’s agricultural technical assistance project, the "China-Cambodia High-quality Vegetable and Fruit Demonstration Base" which was set up by China Ministry of Agriculture on the Cambodia demonstration project, the “China (Guangxi) - Cambodia Crop Excellent Variety Testing Station” for Guangxi Agriculture Department to Cambodia demonstration project, Guangxi Science and Technology Department to Cambodia science and technology demonstration project for the "China (Guangxi) - Cambodia (Siem Reap) Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park".

● At the same time developing the plant, animal livestock and related processing industries, relying on the three-level agricultural extension system established in Cambodia to carry out demonstration training and promotion of agricultural technologies and fine varieties to help enhance the agricultural skills of local farmers and increase their output and income.


Tianjin Union Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd.

●This private enterprise which mainly deals with real estate development.

●In 2008, the project covers an area of 360 square kilometers along the southwest coast of Cambodia which will be developed into the Cambodia Coastal Comprehensive Economic Zone. With the strong support of the Chinese and Cambodia governments, after 10 years of development and construction, Cambodia Coastal Comprehensive Economic Zone now enjoys an international reputation and huge influence in the world:
China-Cambodia alliance partners all-round strategic partnership investment platform;
Constructing an important industrial base for connecting China, Eurasia and Africa to the “One Belt One Road” Initiative in Southeast Asia;
Became China important strategic platform for exporting China's international capability cooperation and technical management services to southeast Asia;
Establish a successful example of successful implementation of the "China-ASEAN" Cooperation Mechanism and a successful project of a "Interconnected Connectivity Strategic Project" in a Sub-regional Economic Corridor in Cambodia.


China United Network Communications Limited.


●World-class and sustainable broadband communications and multimedia service provider, internationalization strategy is one of its strategies.

●Internationally accessible direction and high management level, China United Network Communications Limited., has established strategic cooperation relations with many operators around the world with vast experience in international business operations.

●Mainly dealt with International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC), International Ethernet Private Line (IEPL), MPLS L3 VPN and IDC business.


China Road & Bridge Corporation (CRBC)

●One of the four large state-owned enterprises that first entered the international engineering contracting market in China.

●Mainly engaged in domestic and international road, bridge, port, railway, airport, tunnel, hydraulic, municipal, dredging projects. It also has investment, industrial, trade, leasing and services businesses in Asia, Africa, Europe and America with more than 50 countries and regions having set up branches and formed a highly efficient operation and development management network, which is an important carrie and platform of overseas business of China Communications Construction Co., Ltd.


Liuzhou Wuling Automotive Industry Co., Ltd.


●China's state-controlled and large-scale sino-foreign joint venture which was listed in Hong Kong and focuses on the design and manufacture of commercial vehicles, engines and auto parts for 30 years.

●Wuling vehicle products include passenger cars, minivans and sightseeing cars. The bus series includes minibuses and medium-sized buses which is suitable mainly for tourist reception, highway passenger transport, feeder buses, corporate commuting, etc.

●Minivans include single and double row barrows, vans, refrigerated trucks and ambulances; sightseeing vehicles which was powered by petrol and electric power are suitable for scenic sightseeing, hotel transfers, station and airport transfers, municipal administration patrols, etc.


China Certification & Inspection(Group)Co., Ltd.(CCIC)

●Approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ), accredited by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) and accredited by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). CCIC is an independent third-party inspection and certification bodies focusing on "inspection, certification and testing", and it has become one of the most influential comprehensive and cross-border inspection and certification institutes in the world.

●With its strong international quality, rich service experience, strong technical strength and perfect service network, we provide global clients with fair, fast, reliable and consistent professional services.

●CCIC is headquartered in Beijing, China and it has nearly 300 institutions in the world covering Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania. Among them, CCIC Guangxi Branch and CITIC Cambodia Branch are tier-one subsidiaries of China Inspection and Certification Group.


Cambodia Jiahua integrated enterprise group

Cambodia Jiahua integrated enterprise group, headed by Lord Alfonso Qiao, is involved in a variety of fields and industries, in which the main industries are banking, finance, construction and real estate industries.

●One of Cambodia's largest commercial banks, its subsidiary, Jiahua Bank, has so far set up 56 branches in various provinces in Cambodia and has set up overseas branches in Laos. The Jiahua Group also includes Cambodia Post Bank, Jincheng Life Insurance Company and Cambodia-Vietnam Insurance Plc.

●Group affliated with Jiahua Group are Phnom Penh City supermarkets such as: Zulia Mall, Golden City Mall and Jinbaocheng shopping mall.

●Other residential developments and skyscrapers are being developed in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, which includes the Baise River City, the Mulberry City, the Olympic City around the Olympic Stadium and other residential and apartment projects such as the SUNWAY CITY project.

● Constructing other residential dvelopments project such in other parts of Siem Reap province, Battambang province and Sihanoukville province.


Cambodia Laohanxing Wine (Group) Co., Ltd.

●With a history of nearly 50-year in Cambodia's food industry, Cambodia Laohanxing Wine (Group) Co., Ltd. is a sino-foreign cooperative ventures, with the main products in health care wine, XO etc.

●Cambodian leader, Prince Sihanouk has warmly praised Laohanxing as "an outstanding national brand which is worth Cambodia's pride."

●Laohanxing not only has great influence in Cambodia, but has also successfully entered Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and other neighboring countries.

●In China, Laohanxing has entered the market of Guangxi, Shanghai, Yunnan and other places, and it is seeking to develop in other provinces and cities in China.

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