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Advertisement Competition Marking the 15th CAEXPO

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2018-03-20 17:27:54
2018 marks the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the China-ASEAN strategic partnership, the formation of the China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO), and the year of the establishment of China-ASEAN innovation.

Submit an original and creative publicity piece or advertisement on the theme of CAEXPO15Years before March 31 to stand the chance to win a big cash prize.

Your entry should be made with a global vision in mind, be suitable for the promotion and marketing of CAEXPO, attract audiences to participate in this year’s 15th CAEXPO and enhance the brand image of CAEXPO. It may be selected to be extensively used in magazines, on posters, on highway billboards (horizontal versions), LED advertising spaces or any other applications.

You can send your work to Caexpo2018@163.com with the subject line: “YOUR NAME’s Work—Advertisement(s) of CAEXPO”. Multiple series of entries is allowed. A series can have 1-5 images, only in a RGB or JPG file format, with captions of at least 200 words per series.

Also, please remember to indicate your name (and the names of collaborators if it’s a group project), contact number, email address, personal ID number and current address. Once selected, the content would belong to CAEXPO, and cannot be republished or reused in any other form. More details.


Announcement: Advertisement Competition Marking the 15th Anniversary of the CAEXPO

The China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO), which is an international trade show co-sponsored by the ministries of commerce or trade and industry of China and the 10 ASEAN member countries as well as the ASEAN Secretariat, has been successfully concluded for 14 sessions in a row. The CAEXPO, as one of the Top Three Events listed by the central government annually taking place in China with special international influence, has grown to a major platform for China and ASEAN to jointly upgrade the bilateral FTA, to forge the China-ASEAN Community of a Shared Future, and to expand and deepen cooperation with other counties along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.

The year 2018 marking the 15th anniversary of the CAEXPO is coincided with the 15th anniversary of establishment of China-ASEAN strategic partnership. The 15th CAEXPO will be convened at the Nanning International Convention & Exhibition Center (NICEC), Guangxi, China on September 12-15. To further enhance the brand recognition of the event, the Advertisement Competition Marking the 15th Anniversary of the CAEXPO is arranged with details as follows:

I. Sponsor

China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat

II. Rules

1.Theme: The 15th Anniversary of the China-ASEAN Expo

2. Contents

- Showcasing the image of the CAEXPO and highlighting the 15th anniversary of the CAEXPO and the establishment of China-ASEAN strategic partnership;

- Identical to the essence of the CAEXPO, with distinct theme, creative conception, concise composition and coordinated colors sending significant messages. The work should be expressive of artistic appeal and strong visual impact, which can arouse the curiosity and resonance of business professionals to participant in the CAEXPO;

- Clear and concise information on exhibitors and visitors’ invitation for CAEXPO marketing and promotion in the Chinese and ASEAN markets;

- Applicable to vertical magazines, journals and posters and horizontal billboards and LEDs;

(Contestants could download the CAEXPO-related information and materials (inclusive of background, recent advertisements and VI design of the CAEXPO) by visiting News at www.caexpo.org, the CAEXPO official website, or follow the CAEXPO official Weibo, Wechat and Facebook accounts to have further insights into the event.)

III. Who can join the competition?

Organizations and individuals from China, ASEAN and countries/regions beyond

IV. Deadline

March 31, 2018

V. Submission

1. Please e-mail your works at  Caexpo2018@163.com.

2. Requirements: Organization and individual contestants could submit more than one serial of advertisements, with each serial comprised of 1-5 advertisement pictures. Please specify how many serials you have submitted and how many pictures under each serial. Each serial should have a brief description of its creative idea(s) (≥200 words). The serial should also be attached to information including name(s), phone number(s), e-mail(s), passport number(s) and address of the designers or co-designers;

3. Format: RGB and JPG;

4. Please entitle the subject of your e-mail as “CAEXPO Advertisement from XXX (name)”, for example “CAEXPO Advertisement from John Smith”.

VI. How to evaluate?

The CAEXPO Secretariat will organize experts to mark candidate serials and hold a public vote at the CAEXPO official Wechat. The final results are decided by both the scores marked by the experts and the votes from the netizens.
The evaluation will be arranged on April 1-20, 2018.

Upon evaluation, one winner of the first prize, two winners of the second prize, three winners of the third prize and 6 finalists will be rewarded. The results of the competition will be released at the CAEXPO official website, official Facebook, wechat and weibo accounts at the end of April.

VII. Rewards

1. First Prize: RMB20,000 (inclusive of tax) and award certificate
2. Second Prize: RMB 10,000 (inclusive of tax) and award certificate
3. Third Prize: RMB 7,000 (inclusive of tax) and award certificate
4. Nominee: RMB 2,000 (inclusive of tax) and award certificate

VIII. Notice

1. The Sponsor will hold a public vote on selected 20-50 serials of advertisements after the deadline for submission.
2. All the contestants should assure that they have read and shall abide by the relevant rules of the competition. The Sponsor has the right to disqualify any work that violates the rules of the competition. Upon submission, the contestants are deemed to recognize the Bulletin.
3. The advertisements should be sound in contents and in line with relevant laws and regulations. No infringement of copyright of other advertisements (inclusive of plagiarism and amendment) and other’s portrait is allowed. Should there be any infringement, the contestants concerned shall take the legal responsibilities.
4. Contestants should submit advertisements that haven’t been commercialized or authorized to others. Should there be any disputes on copyright in the competition or commercial usage, the contestants concerned shall take the legal responsibilities thus occurred.
5. Should a serial of advertisements be designed by more than one person, agreement of all the designers on participating the competition is requested, and names of all the designers should be specified. One username can upload and send multiple serials. The prizes are awarded to the designers of the ad serials, which means that one username might win more than one prize.
6. To ensure fairness and justice, appearance of logo that is irrelevant to the competition is not allowed.
7. Please submit your advertisements before the deadline and do not submit disqualified works, including those that are illegal, tricky, anonymous and illegible.

IX. Copyright

1. The Sponsor is deemed to have the rights to promote, report and showcase the advertisements as soon as they are submitted.
2. During the competition and after the works are awarded, contestants shall not transfer or authorize the works to the third party and take part in other similar competitions or events with the same works.
3. Upon submission, contestants are deemed to agree to and abide by relevant regulations of the completion. Should there be any disputes on copyright in commercial use, the Sponsor will not take any legal responsibility due to infringement of rights and interests of other individual(s) or organization(s). The Sponsor has the right of recovery for those responsibilities that it has taken, which includes but not limited to principal and interest of the expenditures that it has borne and payment to the third party like litigation cost, attorney’s fee and appraisal fee thus occurred.
4. Full copyright of the serials of advertisements that win the first, second and third prizes and are nominated is deemed to be transferred to the Sponsor as soon as they are submitted. Winning designers shall sign with the Sponsor Copyright Transfer Agreement as a supplement. However, tardy signing of the agreement shall be without prejudice to the right of the Sponsor to own and use the full copyright of the advertisements in question. The Sponsor enjoys all the rights including but not limited to re-design, production, sales, display and publication of the advertisements. Designers only enjoy the right of signature.
5. The Sponsor reserves the right of final interpretation of the competition.

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