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The 15th CAEXPO will be held on:

Sep 12th-15th,2018 8:30-17:00 (Trade Days)

Sep. 15th,2018(Public Day)


Cambodia serves as the Country of Honor for CAEXPO once more

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2018-06-25 18:14:27




 The friendship between Cambodia and China is long-standing, and deeply rooted and leafy. As early as 700 years ago, Zhou Daguan, an official of Yuan Dynasty of China, wrote a book titled “A Record of Cambodia: The land and its people”, which made a detailed record about Angkor Dynasty’s prosperity and harmonious stay of Cambodian people and Chinese people. Today, China has become Cambodia’s largest trade partner, largest source of import, and largest source of investment.



With continuously deepening cooperation between Cambodia and China, a lot of projects were introduced and implemented in Cambodia, for example, the bridge across the Mekong River, Sihanouk Ville Economic Development Area, a highway from Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, to Siem Reap where the Angkor Archaeological Park is located, and Cambodia Kampot Province Ganzhai Hydropower Station (transliteration) invested and built by Sinohydro Corp. Ltd. The above-mentioned cooperation projects fully exemplify both countries’ political consensus, appeal for common development, and mutually complementary cooperation strengths.


CAEXPO: a booster for cooperation between Cambodia and China

It is the CHINA-ASEAN Exposition (CAEXPO), which was jointly sponsored by China and 10 member states of the ASEAN that turns Cambodia and China’s common appeal into tangible economic and trade achievements.



“When I attended CAEXPO for the first time, I wished to take part in CAEXPO for 10 times. This year, my wish came true.”On September 11, 2017, Hun Sen, prime minister of Cambodia, attended the CAEXPO for the 10th time, making him become the leader of ASEAN with the most number of delegation attendance at CAEXPO.




Why is CAEXPO so charming to attract Prime Minister Hun Sen to attend frequently? At CAEXPO, Cambodia harvested a lot: it attended CAEXPO for 14 times, during which CAEXPO provided 1475 booths for 778 enterprises from Cambodia, and helped organize 18 promotion meetings. Under the support of CAEXPO, Cambodian products came onto Chinese market on a gradual basis and their shares in China ascended year by year, which is typified by Cambodia Jasmine Rice that has always been reputed as the most favorite product at previous CAEXPOs. In addition, Cambodia’s agricultural products & foods (like organic brown sugar) and characteristic products (including textile clothing, jewelry and handicrafts, and furniture and wooden products) all received welcome at CAEXPO. Moreover, a lot of Cambodian and Chinese enterprises successfully joined hands at CAEXPO, for example, Cambodian enterprises like Canadia Group, Angkor Beer, and Golden Rice took advantage of CAEXPO to successfully make inroads into Chinese market; Chinese enterprises like China Overseas Construction Group, China Road & Bridge Corporation, and Datang Power capitalized on their excellent resources and strength to build new bases for productivity cooperation in Cambodia…



With the help of CAEXPO, cooperation between Cambodia and China in tourism developed quickly. So far, nine provinces and cities of Cambodia have been defined as the “Charming Cities” for display of charm at CAEXPO. In 2017, Cambodia received Chinese tourists of more than 1.20 million person-times, representing a year-on-year increase of 46%, so that China became the largest source of overseas tourises for Cambodia.


Serve as the Country of Honor again to write a new story

The year of 2018 marks the 15th anniversary for establishment of the strategic partnership between China and ASEAN, the 15th anniversary of kickoff of CAEXPO, and the 60th anniversary for establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Cambodia, thus the friendship between Cambodia and China will greet brand-new development opportunities.



In March this year, CAEXPO ASEAN Exposition got into Cambodia for the first time, and the CAEXPO Cambodia Exposition, which successfully took place in Phnom Penh, officially unveiled the prelude of the 15th CAEXPO Country of Honor. “This year, Cambodia will serve as the Country of Honor for CAEXPO once more, and all circles of Cambodia express their wishes to attend the exposition, in hopes of capitalizing on such a platform to further deepen Cambodia’s communication and cooperation with China and other ASEAN countries,”Xiong Bo, ambassador of China to Cambodia, said at the opening ceremony of Cambodia Exposition.


Continue with the past, open up the future, and move ahead for the dream. The 15th CAEXPO is set to take place in Nanning City of China during September 12-15, and Cambodia will serve as the Country of Honor for CAEXPO once more, and Prime Minister Hun Sen will lead a delegation to attend CAEXPO for the 11th time. Cambodia will continue chartering hall and make use of D10 Hall with about 145 booths, so as to display commercial opportunities in fields like agriculture, infrastructure, SMEs, education & culture, and tourism. Kompong Thom Province has been defined as “Charming City” for this CAEXPO Cambodia.



Appointed as the Country of Honor once more, Cambodia will compose a new chapter for the cooperation between Cambodia and China at the CAEXPO platform.







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