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The 15th CAEXPO will be held on:

Sep 12th-15th,2018 8:30-17:00 (Trade Days)

Sep. 15th,2018(Public Day)


CAEXPO opens a new voyage for cooperation of Indonesia & China

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2018-06-27 10:43:15


Indonesia is opposite to China across the sea, and people of both countries are linked for the sea. In the 15th Century AD, Zheng He, a great navigator of China, captained seven naval expeditions, bringing islands of Indonesia exquisite porcelains and silk goods and sowing the seed of peace and friendship. In the 21st century, Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward the initiative “the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, which highly accords with Indonesia’s national blueprint “Global Maritime Axis”, so that the ancient Maritime Silk Road was rejuvenated.



Presently, the economic and trade cooperation between Indonesia and China is developing against all odds, and China has become the largest trade partner of Indonesia for seven consecutive years. In 2017, the bilateral trade volume of China and Indonesia hit US$ 63.3 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 18%, and China has become Indonesia’s most important source of overseas capital.


Come together for the grand event, and give off extraordinary splendor



Cooperation between Indonesia and China in all circles develops rapidly, which should be attributed to not just joint efforts of both governments and active involvement of the commercial circle, but the platform of cooperation between both sides, namely, China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO). As a world-class economy and trade event that was jointly sponsored by economy and trade authorities of China and 10 member states of ASEAN together with ASEAN Secretariat, CAEXPO took place in Nanning City of Guangxi Province as from 2004. So far, CAEXPO has been successfully held for 14 years, and it played a vital role in boosting the friendly cooperation of China and ASEAN.



CAEXPO, leaders of China and ASEAN countries came together in Nanning for the grand event. Several leaders of Indonesia ever attended CAEXPO, for example, a lot of ministerial-level officials, including Then President of Indonesia Susilo, Then Vice President Boediono, trade ministers of Indonesia, and chairman of Indonesia Investment Coordination Board, respectively led a delegation to attend the event, and reach a lot of consensuses on high-level cooperation, which benefited the enterprises and the general public.


CAEXPO opened a gate for the cooperation between China and Indonesia, and the pragmatic cooperation between both sides stepped into a golden phase little by little: China has become Indonesia’s most important source of overseas capital; remarkable results have been achieved in construction of China-Indonesia Comprehensive Industrial Park; Jakarta-Bandung HSR Project is forging ahead; the widespread mobile payment and shared economy were introduced into other countries from China; an increasing number of Indonesian youths study, work, and start up business in China. Statistical data show that over the past 14 years, Indonesia chartered hall for display at CAEXPO in 12 consecutive years, and it has erected 1,731 booths. All told, more than 3500 merchants from Indonesia attended the exposition, making Indonesia rank top among ASEAN countries in terms of trade volume.


Today, a lot of commodities from Indonesia, including bird’s nest, coffee, and teak furniture, have developed into brands with high prestige in Chinese market, selling well in local shopping malls and supermarkets of China. By virtue of CAEXPO, Indonesian enterprises access the global market, extending the cooperation from CAEXPO to other areas.



Each year, CAEXPO sets up the"Charming City"special exhibition zone, which grows into a new window leading to the cooperation between Indonesia and China in tourism. In succession, Indonesia’s provinces and cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, Riau, and South Sumatera were defined as"Charming City"of Indonesia, and the display effect was very good. By now, China has become Indonesia’s largest source of overseas tourists.


Amass energy for more achievements




The 15th CAEXPO is set to take place in Nanning City during September 12-15, 2018. This CAEXPO will continue inviting leaders of China and ASEAN countries to attend. As to Indonesia, leaders or ministerial-level officials will lead a delegation to attend.


During CAEXPO, meeting of leaders and high-end dialogue of political and commercial circles will be held. Through this CAEXPO, commercial circle of Indonesia will have a chance to exchange ideas with important members of governments face to face, so as to acquire high-end information. At this CAEXPO with total exhibition area of 124,000 square meters, Indonesia will continue chartering D4 Hall, and highlight display of Indonesia’s characteristic commodities like teak furniture, foods & beverages, consumer goods, bulk commodities, and service products, etc. Meanwhile, a series of investment promotion activities like Indonesia National Promotion Conference will take place, so as to set up a platform for both sides’ investment cooperation.



At this CAEXPO, the economy and trade promotion services will be further refined on. To be precise, “One Event for One Industry” will be launched. In other words, at least one special trade meeting and one purchase meeting for professional buyers will be organized for each industry present at the exposition. In addition, CAEXPO will organize Chinese buyers to purchase ASEAN’s foods and characteristic commodities through China’s state-level chambers of commerce and associations, as well as take advantage of market channels to invite international professional visitors to purchase at the exposition. Besides, it will be in an effort to carry out investment promotion through cooperation with ASEAN and national industry associations and professional institutions beyond ASEAN.


The friendly cooperation between Indonesia and China has embarked on a new journey, and the CAEXPO carrying the vision of cooperation is being upgraded and developed on a continuous basis. In the future, Indonesia and China will ride on the crest of the waves together to make more achievements.






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