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Guangxi spares no effort to support the construction of Southward Channel

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2018-06-29 16:15:20
Bordering “Economic Belt of Silk Road” to the north and “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” and Economic Corridor of Indo-China Peninsula to the south, Southward Channel will be built with connecting the establishment of Belt and Road with Yangtze River Economic Belt in western region. 
As an important node of Southward Channel, Guangxi, the permanent site of CAEXPO is enjoying the regional advantages of locating alongside the sea, river and border area, with sparing no effort to build Southward Channel as a convenient channel for commodity exchange between China and ASEAN or other more countries.
Recently, Guangxi enacted Policies and Measures on Guangxi to Promote the Southward Channel of Singapore-China Interconnection, in which 16 policies about logistics system, development of park, award for enterprise investment and talent introduction were raised to support the construction of Southward Channel.
Attaching great importance to the Southward Channel, Guangxi propels the establishment of it with all strength by joining other western provinces to strive for favorable price of railway freight rates and project support from national ministries.
At the end of August of 2017, Chongqing City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guizhou Province and Gansu Province signed a framework agreement of jointly building Southward Channel. In the agreement, with rotational meeting system being established, the four local governments would enhance the top-level design of Southward Channel and cooperate in infrastructure construction, customs clearance facilitation and striving for supporting policies with shared resources.
In April of 2018, the four local governments issued Chongqing Initiatives with other ten provinces, cities or regions, including Sichuan Province, Yunnan Province, Shaan Xi Province, Qinghai Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and so on. The cooperation among western provinces and regions upgraded.
In June of 2018, Chongqing City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guizhou Province and Gansu Province signed a memorandum of cooperation with Qinghai Province, and Sichuan Province signed a contract with Chongqing City to enhance the cooperation in Southward Channel, resulting in whose circle of friend enlarged.
Guangxi has signed an agreement with Pacific International Lines (PIL) of Singapore to construct China-Singapore Nanning International Logistics Park. China-ASEAN Information Harbor has signed an agreement with Crimson Logic of Singapore to build an information and service platform integrating with customs declaration and inspection via B2B. At present, governments of Guangxi and Nanning plan to draw up policies to support the development and construction of China-Singapore Nanning International Logistics Park. What’s more, headquarters of enterprises are welcomed to settle in the park and all fields of enterprises like transportation, financial industry, information service industry, exposition industry, tourism, culture industry and health care are all encouraged to enter the park.
Guangxi government has drawn up the policy document of “1+14” to improve business environment and implement power reform, which resulted in the power price falling from 0.64 yuan to 0.52 yuan per KWh. Besides, the process of commercial register has been simplified.
Now, lines of freight and railway transportation between Beibu Gulf and Chongqing City have been put into use and connect Central Asia with Europe via Chongqing-Singapore-Europe Train.
Up to June 8, 2018, Chongqing-Guangxi Train has run on the track for 201 times. Lines of freight and railway transportation between Guangxi and Lanzhou City, Sichuan Province, Yunnan Province and Guizhou Province have been put into use or the number of trains and cargos has been increased. Train between Qinzhou and Mataszewicze of Poland successfully ran. Subsequently, routes of container liners from Beibu Gulf to Hong Kong and to Singapore have been put into use.
Meanwhile, the cross-border highway transportation of Indo-China Peninsula and Nanning-Hanoi container train has commenced.
In addition, the cross-border container trains have run 40 times accumulatively.
The construction of Southward Channel of Singapore-China Interconnection promotes the trade and economy cooperation between Guangxi and Singapore and brings vigor to bilateral cooperation. Up to May of 2018, 206 foreign-invested enterprises was landed on Guangxi with total volume of contractual foreign investment hitting 1.419 billion USD and utilized FDI amounting to 1.208 billion USD.
New Southward Channel pavilion will be set in the 15th CAEXPO to demonstrate the cities and provinces alongside the channel.

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