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The 15th CAEXPO will be held on:

Sep 12th-15th,2018 8:30-17:00 (Trade Days)

Sep. 15th,2018(Public Day)


CAEXPO boosts development between Vietnam & China

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2018-07-02 10:33:52


Vietnam, a key node of the Belt and Road, is linked with China by mountains and waters, and both countries have the same cultural context and strong people-to-people connectivity. As early as the Qin and Han Dynasties (more than 2000 years ago), both countries had intimate contact. Today, driven by the "Belt & Road" initiative and "Two corridors and one ring" construction, the exchange between Vietnam and China in different fields becomes increasingly frequent. In 2017, the bilateral trade volume of Vietnam and China exceeded US$ 100 billion, and exchanges of personnel between China and Vietnam (including border regions) surpassed 10 million person-times. Against this backdrop, a development pattern “Two Zones and One Belt” featuring mutual promotion comes into being between provinces in Vietnam (including Cao Bang, Lang Son, and Quang Ninh) and Guangxi of China. And an increasing number of Vietnamese commodities (like Pingxian Shoes, Vietnamese Coffee, rubber footwear, and mango) came into homes of Chinese consumers. With ever-increasing economy and trade contacts between the two countries, multiform human exchange activities, including friendly meeting of Chinese and Vietnamese youths, media exchange and exchange of visits by journalists, friendly communication between research institutions and experts/scholars, and border fellowship, were organized in succession



Rapid development of the cooperation between Vietnam and China should be attributed to joint efforts made by both and governments, to China-ASEAN Exposition (CAEXPO), a favorable platform of cooperation for both sides.



CAEXPO, which was sponsored jointly by China and 10 member states of ASEAN, has been successfully held for 14 years. Today, it has developed into an important platform of communication and cooperation for China and ASEAN countries. During September 12-15, 2018, the 15th CAEXPO will take place in Nanning of China, and the upcoming CAEXPO will bring Vietnam new opportunities for its further exploitation to Chinese market.


Deepen all-around cooperation, bring new vigor for development of China and Vietnam



"CAEXPO is an exchange activity of important significance for the cooperation between ASEAN and China, and Vietnam would like to play a role of bridge for the cooperation between ASEAN and China," leader of Vietnam said while being interviewed at the 14th CAEXPO. All told, previous 14 CAEXPOs were attended by 67 leaders of ASEAN and China and more than 2900 ministerial-level VIP guests. During the CAEXPO, a lot of high-level talks between leaders and ministers of both sides and high-end dialogues of political and commercial circles took place, which provided trustworthy supports for the economic and trade cooperation between both sides. During previous CAEXPOs, one leader of Vietnam led a high-level delegation to attend, and the delegation had sound exchange and communication with leaders of China and other ASEAN countries, which in turn promoted the policy connectivity and strengthened the mutual political trust.





Vietnam actively gets involved in the once-a-year CAEXPO to display its national image and achievements and commercial opportunities in all fields, and it keeps on pressing ahead with its cooperation with China and other countries in economy and trade. At the CAEXPO, "Star products" from Vietnam, including mahogany furniture, Pingxian slippers, and G7 coffee, are usually in short supply, and Vietnamese enterprises signed a lot of orders and made inroads into Chinese market. By virtue of CAEXPO, Vietnam-based mahogany enterprises cooperated with Nanning, Pingxiang, Dongxing, and Longzhou, etc. in Guangxi of China, leading to formation of China’s most famous mahogany furniture market that brings together the most numerous Chinese mahogany businessmen.




Commercial opportunities CAEXPO brings for commercial circles of Vietnam and China are not limited to the period of the exposition. In recent years, CAEXPO has adopted the exposition model “One Main, Several Professional” (transliteration) to keep on extending the value chain of the exposition. In 2016, CAEXPO held Vietnam Exposition for the first time in Hanoi of Vietnam, and the exposition brought together more than 100 Chinese enterprises that meet demands of Vietnamese market, and set up a new platform for Chinese enterprises to exploit Vietnamese market. In 2017, CAEXPO held 2017 China-ASEAN (Vietnam) Machinery & Electronic Products Exhibition in Hanoi of Vietnam, which further boosted the win-win of Vietnamese and Chinese mechanical and electrical enterprises in economy & trade and investment fields, and stirred an ardent response. During November 29-December 1 this year, China-ASEAN (Vietnam) Machinery & Electronic Products Exhibition is about to take place in Ho Chi Ming City of Vietnam, and it will further bridge the mutually beneficial cooperation of Vietnam and China mechanical and electrical industries.



Cooperation in economy and trade prospers, and that in tourism grows steadily. Display of the "Charming City", which is meticulously organized at CAEXPO, greatly promoted cooperation of Vietnam and China in tourism. Over the past 14 years, 13 provinces and cities of Vietnam, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Ha Long Bay, and Da Lat, were successively defined as "Charming City" of CAEXPO for all-around display of their tourism advantages and commercial opportunities, which drew attention from a lot of spectators and promoted both sides’ tourism cooperation and people-to-people connectivity. In 2017, Chinese tourists who visit Vietnam hit 3.97 million person-times, marking China is still Vietnam’s largest source of tourists.


Compose a new chapter for cooperation at the upcoming CAEXPO



Over the past 15 years, CAEXPO developed from a fledgling to a full-fledged event, and the cooperation between Vietnam and China steps into a new phase. The upcoming 15th CAEXPO will bring a lot of brilliant activities. During the CAEXPO, the meeting of leaders and opening ceremony will take place. Also, high-end talks of political and commercial circles will be held, so that commercial circle of Vietnam will have a chance to exchange ideas with important members of governments to acquire high-end information. At the upcoming CAEXPO, Vietnam will display its competitive products at 60 booths in No. 11 Hall and No. 12 Hall. In the meantime, it plans to hold activities like Vietnam Investment Promotion Meeting and Special Trade Contact Meeting for Vietnamese Purchasers, etc.


At this CAEXPO, the economy and trade promotion services will be further refined on. To be precise, "One Event for One Industry" will be launched. In other words, at least one special trade meeting and one purchase meeting for professional buyers will be organized for each industry present at the exposition. In addition, CAEXPO will organize Chinese buyers to purchase ASEAN’s foods and characteristic commodities, as well as take advantage of market channels to invite international professional visitors to purchase at the exposition. Besides, it will be in an effort to carry out investment promotion through cooperation with ASEAN and national industry associations and professional institutions beyond ASEAN.



This year marks the 15th anniversary for the establishment of strategic partnership between China and ASEAN, the year of innovation for China-ASEAN, and the 15th anniversary of kickoff of CAEXPO, so it is of significant importance. Look forward to working with commercial circle of Vietnam to attend the CAEXPO and create more business opportunities.




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