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"Made in China" Construction Machinery attracts ASEAN Markets

Source: CAEXPO Wechat    Time:2018-08-02 11:26:38


"China’s engineering machinery boasts of higher share in Vietnam since it is of high quality and moderate in price, and moreover is very consistent with the actual conditions of Vietnam and its enterprises." according to Ruan Wenshu, Chairman of Vietnam Construction Machinery Enterprise Association. 


"Made in China" construction machinery and transport vehicles are increasingly welcomed by ASEAN engineering contractors. The CAEXPO to be held once a year in Nanning, China, has become an important platform for Chinese manufacturers and ASEAN buyers to appreciate the latest products and sign new contracts. 


Well-known enterprises get together to discover unlimited business opportunities



During September 12-15, 2018 the 15th CAEXPO will be held in Nanning, Guangxi. Construction machinery and transport vehicles have always been displayed at the CAEXPO. China’s famous construction machinery manufacturers, XGMA, LiuGong Group, Yuchai, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor and XCMG had all participated in the CAEXPO, at which they successfully signed desired partners. 




It is reported that this year, the CAEXPO will show a more complete category of products, such as excavating machinery, road building machinery, mixing machinery, loading machinery and forklift trucks and lifting machinery and other engineering machinery. Moreover, it will also display transportation vehicles such as engineering vehicles, pickup, minibus, large and medium buses,  low speed agricultural vehicles and so on. Mechanical equipment, sorting machinery, lifting machinery, transport machinery (intelligent transportation) equipment and other logistics machinery for ports, planting equipment, new energy electric forklift, large electric transport vehicles and other new products will enrich the CAEXPO to provide more choices for the buyers. 



At present, the attraction is in full swing, and nearly 30 enterprises have signed up. The representative famous enterprises include Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor, Guangxi LiuGong, XGMA, Guangxi Mesda, Guangxi Shenlong Motor, Ruiling Technology, Sinotruk Liuzhou Yunli, Nanjing Kenyo, Pubei Gaomai new energy automobile and so on. These famous players in Chinese construction machinery circle will also show their star products at the CAEXPO to find more business opportunities. 



This year, Nanjing Kenyo will demonstrate its FP3000S "3D building material printer" to the public at the CAEXPO for the first time, which can directly print out a 3 * 3 office size building based on a specific formula. Pubei Gaomai will showcase its "new energy electric heavy truck", which is an electric heavy truck powered by new energy that will be firstly displayed at the CAEXPO. It boasts of strong performance to pull 60 tons of containers, with a full load of 80 tons, the maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour, and the maximum climbing slope of 30%. Therefore, it has far-reaching significance to promote the development of Guangxi logistics industry to the new energy industry. Ruiling Technology’s "radiant cooling" cooling film will amaze the CAEXPO. A specific wavelength of infrared radiation can be directly radiated into outer space, for which, cooling film is developed. If 20 square meters of thin film is laid on the roof of a common house, the room temperature can be reduced by about 10 degrees centigrade. 


Customization makes products popular



China’s engineering machinery and transport vehicles are more and more popular in the ASEAN and the global market with their dedicated and targeted design, excellent quality and perfect after-sale services. Many Chinese players in the construction machinery field customize products suitable for ASEAN countries according to local conditions. Top exhibitor of CAEXPO, XGMA improves the performance of its products in accordance with the environmental characteristics of the ASEAN market. For example, it develops a new generation of long arm loaders for loading and unloading rice for Thailand rice mills according to the Thailand market. Yuchai, has developed a series of products, upgrading the emission and power, and extending from the traditional truck and bus power to marine power based on the needs of the ASEAN market. Sinotruk has worked hard in multiple engine displacements, mountain turning design suitable for ASEAN countries and the long-time working performance in the tropics, and designed a number of models suitable for ASEAN. 



Wu Qiwei, general manager of Yuchai, said in an interview that in more than 10 years, the ownership of Yulai in the ASEAN market has been increasing. Especially the truck market in Vietnam, bus markets in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Malaysia, gas market in Thailand and marine generator markets in Philippines and Indonesia has witnessed Yuchai’s development at an incredible speed. Today, ASEAN market has occupied nearly 40% of the overseas market of Yuchai. 


In recent years, ASEAN countries embrace economic recovery and rapid development and large-scale infrastructure construction is in urgent need of construction machinery products. More and more famous Chinese construction machinery players are stationed in ASEAN, invest and build factories, set up sales agencies, and gradually establish regional sales platform. The Sino - ASEAN cooperation in construction machinery field has great potential. 


A great number of measures taken to advance actual effects


In order to further render economic and trade results, the organizer will also promote exchanges and cooperation between China and ASEAN in the field of construction machinery through a series of activities during the 15th CAEXPO. 


Hold professional industry forums and meetings and issue the latest authoritative information. During the CAEXPO, professional forum on construction machinery will be held. At that time, a group of experts, scholars and enterprise representatives in the field of construction will get together to discuss and explore the development of China and ASEAN countries in the field of construction machinery. 



Arrange initial negotiations based on supply and demand During the CAEXPO, its Secretariat will continue to arrange site negotiations in advance as required by the registered participants and merchants and organize special trade matchmaking, international buyer purchase matchmaking and so on, to effectively improve the cooperation outcomes. 


Further improve the service level. Naning International Convention and Exhibition Center will finish its reconstruction and expansion project soon. By virtue of its perfect hardware software and further improved service functions, the customers will experience more convenient services in the links of hotels, catering, certification, transportation, security inspection, exhibition transportation and customs clearance. 








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