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CAEXPO helps upgrade the cooperation of Brunei and China

Source: CAEXPO Wechat    Time:2018-08-08 15:34:11


Chinese tourists are here and there on the streets of Bandar Seri Begawan, capital of Brunei. In the bustling shopping centers all over the downtown, special local products of Brunei are advertised with the eye-catching Chinese sign "Tourists’ Favorites". Also, on the tourist buses there are Chinese characters "Welcome to Brunei". It is learned that China has always been the largest tourist source for Brunei in recent years. In 2017, more than 40% of foreign tourists in Brunei came from China. Last year, Brunei Airlines launched a new air route between Brunei and China, setting up an air corridor and further enhancing the people-to-people exchange between Brunei and China. 


Brunei, reputed as beautiful and affluent state of peace, not just maintains friendly diplomatic relations with China, but has achieved win-win with China in fields like cultural exchange and economic development, among which, CAEXPO has played a role of booster.


"Ever since Brunei and China established diplomatic relations in 1991, both countries have always maintained friendly exchanges, and their cooperation in all respects developed well. I am very pleased to see that CAEXPO has become the most important event for display of the continuous development of bilateral economy and trade. A multitude of micro enterprises and SMEs take part in CAEXPO, which is of special importance to Bruneian people. Success in holding CAEXPO will inject vitality into the partnership between China and ASEAN countries, and be bound to bring Brunei and China more trade and investment opportunities," Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah from Brunei, who has attended CAEXPO in person two times, spoke highly of CAEXPO. 


Win-win Cooperation with Flourishing Business Opportunities



As an international economy and trade event that was jointly sponsored by economy and trade authorities of China and 10 member states (like Brunei) of ASEAN together with ASEAN Secretariat, CAEXPO took place each year in Nanning City of China as from 2004. So far, CAEXPO has been successfully held for 14 years, and it played a vital role in boosting the friendly cooperation of China and ASEAN.


Currently, Brunei is strongly implementing its economic diversification strategy, and seeking the economy and trade cooperation with China in a variety of fields. Against this backdrop, CAEXPO is the right platform by which both sides can seize business opportunities, discuss the cooperation, and promote further cooperation of Bruneian and Chinese enterprises in all respects, with a view to realizing mutual benefits and reciprocity. 


Driven by CAEXPO, Brunei and China keep on deepening their cooperation in such fields as agriculture, Halal food processing, biomedicine, and tourism, and have made remarkable achievements in varying degrees. At the 11th CAEXPO that took place in September, 2014, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources of Brunei signed the Memorandum of Understanding for Economy and Trade Cooperation in Brunei-Guangxi Economic Corridor, making definite that both sides will carry out all-around cooperation in fields like agriculture, industry, logistics, Halal food processing, medical care, pharmaceuticals, and biomedicine, etc. In this sense, CAEXPO provides a vital platform for Chinese-funded enterprises to walk into Brunei, in response to the Belt and Road initiative. 



Since CAEXPO took place, an increasing number of high-quality and characteristic products from Brunei (including Halal food, handicrafts, and marine products) have entered Chinese market. By virtue of CAEXPO, Bruneian enterprises further expanded their demands for commodity trade and mutual investment in China and other ASEAN countries, and Chinese enterprises had more knowledge about Bruneian market, investment environment, and trade information, etc. Moreover, Brunei seeks cooperative partners from merchants all over the world, actively introduces foreign capital, and promotes development of diversified economy. 



In 2017, Brunei again served as the Country of Honor of the 14th CAEXPO. Once more, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah led a delegation in person to attend CAEXPO. And the delegation reached a lot of agreements with leaders of China and ASEAN countries, which benefited local enterprises and residents. At the 14th CAEXPO, Brunei, as the Country of Honor, showed up brilliantly and chartered the hall for the first time for centralized display of local competitive products of Brunei. That won over countless spectators and received high attention from the world.



On May 4 that year, 2017 CAEXPO Brunei Exhibition took place at Brunei Darussalam International Defense Exhibition (BRIDEX). And the Brunei Exhibition, which is specially designed for Bruneian market, provides the optimal platform for economy and trade cooperation of Brunei and China. Meanwhile, competitive enterprises and high-quality commodities of Brunei and China were displayed at the exhibition, and a series of commerce & trade matchmaking and promotion events were organized. That helped Bruneian and Chinese exhibitors establish relationship with buyers from different countries (including Brunei) and set up a new channel of the cooperation between Brunei and China. 


Diplomatic relations between countries are contingent upon people-to-people exchange, which depends highly on mutual understanding. Herein, tourism cooperation is an important approach to promote the people-to-people exchange. In Brunei, a country with long-standing history and culture, there are primitive tropical forests, diversified species, stretches of coastline, and diving paradise, so tourism has become a vital force for the cooperation of Brunei and China. Bandar Seri Begawan (capital of Brunei), reputed as "Oriental Venice", was ever defined as "City of Charm" of CAEXPO in 14 consecutive years, and it has been a good partner of CAEXPO for years. By displaying the spectacular places of historic interest, human culture and folk customs of unique style, and colorful national art performances at CAEXPO, Brunei attracts more and more tourists. 



CAEXPO helps upgrade the cooperation of Brunei and China


Today, the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road is glowing with new vitality. Brunei works with China to jointly build the Belt and Road, and cooperation of both sides is energetic in such fields as infrastructure, energy, agriculture, and fishery, leading to new development and opportunities. 



2018 marks the year of innovation cooperation between China and ASEAN. The 15th CAEXPO is set to take place in Nanning City of China during September 12-15, 2018. With the theme of "Joint Efforts for the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, Building of China-ASEAN Innovation Community", the 15th CAEXPO will hold a series of events like Lantsang River-Mekong River National Capacity Cooperation Forum and International Economy and Capacity Cooperation Exhibition, etc., so as to boost the capacity and investment cooperation under the framework of Belt and Road, fully display innovation achievements and innovation cooperation development tendency, and bring new energy to the cooperation of China and ASEAN. 



In addition, the 15th CAEXPO is of more exhibition contents and business opportunities. Products from China will be highlighted in information technology, intelligence, and green and energy conservation, marking China will boost more all-around cooperation in economy and trade through technological innovation and upgrading. ASEAN countries will display more well-known commodities, and eight ASEAN countries will charter the hall. In the Belt and Road international exhibition zone there will be more participating countries and exhibits on display. 



It is learned that The 15th CAEXPO will offer more refined economic and trade services. It will hold industry-specific activities, including at least one matchmaking meeting for each involved industry and one procurement matchmaking meeting for professional buyers. Also, the CAEXPO will organize Chinese buyers to procure the foods and featured products from ASEAN countries, and an international professional audience will be invited to make purchases through market channels. Additionally, the CAEXPO will seek cooperation with national industrial associations and professional organizations within and without the ASEAN region. 


The 15th CAEXPO, full of highlights, will be down-to-earth and inclusive, and it will further upgrade the cooperation of Brunei and China. This year, Brunei plans to set up 32 booths in No. 12 Exhibition Hall of Zone D for centralized display of its high-quality commodities and services (including food and beverage, health and beauty care, fashionable consumables, handicrafts, tourist services, information technology, and higher education). Meanwhile, it will hold a series of trade investment promotion activities, high-level forums, and human exchanges, with a view to promoting cooperation and mutual investment of Brunei and China. Bandar Seri Begawan (capital of Brunei), was again defined as the City of Charm for the 15th CAEXPO, and it will display its unique charm once more. 



This year marks the 15th anniversary for the establishment of strategic partnership between China and ASEAN, the year of innovation for China-ASEAN, and the 15th anniversary of kickoff of CAEXPO, so it is of important significance. Looking forward to the participation of Bruneian business community in the 15th CAEXPO to compose a new chapter.  















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