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Chinese building materials sell well in ASEAN

Source: CAEXPO Wechat    Time:2018-08-09 15:12:53


With the constant advancement of "Belt and Road" construction in recent years, building materials have gradually become an important field in China-ASEAN cooperation. 


Currently ASEAN countries’ demands for steel, aluminum, ceramics, cement, chemical building materials, fabricated building materials and other building materials are soaring, with their exports expanded. High-quality, low-price, green, environment-friendly and energy-conserving Chinese building materials meet ASEAN countries’ demands and enjoy great popularity among ASEAN purchasers. Thus, as the pioneers in the "globalization" of superior industrial capacity, more and more Chinese building materials enterprises have gone out into ASEAN with their products. The Vista Vietnam winning the Lu Ban Award for Overseas Project, 2×60M Coal-fired Power Plant in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Lao National Convention Center, Terminal 1 and South Connecting Channel of Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand are all witnesses to China-ASEAN win-win cooperation.



Chinese building materials has succeeded in gaining profits in ASEAN market, which attributes to an exhibition hosted by China together with 10 ASEAN countries. The Expo has been held successfully 14 times. Every year on the CAEXPO , a building materials exhibition zone is specially set and a variety of practical forums are held to build a good cooperation platform for building materials enterprises from China and ASEAN. It is China-ASEAN CAEXPO held annually in Nanning, Guangxi, China.


Chinese building materials sell well in ASEAN



Building materials are the important content of one of CAEXPO’s five sectors-commodities trade. Each year CAEXPO set up a building materials zone bringing together outstanding and renowned Chinese building materials enterprises and quality building materials, so that global purchasers could seek appropriate business opportunities here. Through CAEXPO, China-ASEAN industrial capacity cooperation has thriven, China-ASEAN building industry cooperation has further deepened, and a growing number of Chinese enterprises have dominated the international market and built brilliant "Chinese symbols".



Alnan Aluminum Inc. (Alnan Aluminum), an outstanding player in China’s building materials industry was active at CAEXPO for many years. Each year Alnan Aluminum shone with splendor in the building materials zone, arranged site negotiations and matchmaking, and organized the pavilion tour of professional buyers and other activities. Through CAEXPO, Alnan Aluminum has developed global markets based on ASEAN. Currently Alnan Aluminum’s products not only sell well in China, but also are exported to countries and regions including ASEAN, Japan, the USA and Europe.



CAEXPO has attracted numberless prime enterprises in the building materials industry. Guangxi Pinglu Group Co., Ltd. (Guangxi Pinglu) is among them. "CAEXPO has played a significant role in promoting the globalization of products in Guangxi and the country," said Xie Zhiqiang, Chairman of Guangxi Pinglu. Through CAEXPO, Guangxi Pinglu’s aluminum building materials, aluminum electric wire & cable and other products have not only sold well in China, but also been exported to Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Mexico and other countries. In recent years, Guangxi Pinglu has integrated itself into the construction of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area and strengthened cooperation with ASEAN countries. It is believed that Guangxi Pinglu will further expand the space for the market-based and international development of aluminum products.


CAEXPO 2018 highlights innovation and creates more opportunities



CAEXPO 2018 is around the corner. How will it open a new page for cooperation this year? 2018 marks the 15th anniversary of China-ASEAN strategic partnership, ASEAN-China Year of Innovation and CAEXPO. CAEXPO 2018, scheduled to be held in Nanning, Guangxi, China from September 12 to 15, 2018, will present more content and create more opportunities. Chinese exhibits will highlight informatization, intelligence and energy conservation, to drive economic and trade cooperation through technology innovation and upgrading. The range of cooperation fields will be broader.


Besides, Cambodia will serve as the country of honor for the second time and Tanzania will be invited as a special partner.



CAEXPO 2018 will further optimize exhibition content based on the need of international industrial capacity cooperation, and pool outstanding Chinese building materials enterprises and products, to build a cooperation platform for building materials enterprises from China and ASEAN. CAEXPO 2018 will set up a zone for Chinese building materials in Hall 8 and 9 in Section D, which will present raw materials, finished building materials and e-commerce. The zone for Chinese building materials will be set up, with emphasis on windows & doors and curtain walls (energy-conserving windows & doors, aluminum windows & doors, aluminum plates for curtain walls, aluminum plastic plates, aluminum ceilings, lightweight walls, etc.), fabricated building materials, as well as interior decorative materials (stone floors, stone walls, kitchen & bathroom, ceramic materials, environmentally-friendly coatings, etc.). Exhibits will meet needs for green, energy-conserving and environmentally-friendly products, to further expand the space of China-ASEAN cooperation in the building materials industry.


Apart from rich exhibits, CAEXPO 2018 will attract a multitude of giants. Exhibitors will cover the upstream and downstream sectors of the building materials industry and e-commerce. Many renowned Chinese building materials enterprises have signed up for the exhibition, including Beijing Composite Materials Co., Ltd., Wuda Jucheng Structure Co., Ltd., Zhongyue Building Materials Co., Ltd., Alnan Aluminum Inc., Guangxi Pinglu Group Co., Ltd., etc.



To strengthen the practical exchange and cooperation between China and ASEAN in the building materials industry, CAEXPO 2018 will also deliver the 2nd China-ASEAN International Design Leaders Summit, the 2nd China-ASEAN Summit on Building Materials & Household Products Quality Traceability and other thematic forums, as well as stone and aluminum activities, Thai Buyer Matchmaking and other activities, to practically advance China-ASEAN investment, economic and trade cooperation in the building materials industry.


Besides, the pavilion tour of professional buyers and other special activities will be organized during CAEXPO 2018, to promote cooperation and practically improve exhibition effects. Then industrial elitists from all sides will gather at CAEXPO 2018, to bring more updated authoritative information for the development of China-ASEAN cooperation in the building materials industry.


It is foreseeable that with the aid of CAEXPO, China’s building materials industry will set sail again.

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