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The 17th CAEXPO will be held on:

Sep. 18th-21st,2020 8:30-17:00 (Trade Days)

Sep. 21st,2020(Public Day)


People at Home and Abroad Give Thumbs up to 15th CAEXPO

Source: CAEXPO Wechat    Time:2018-09-01 16:09:45

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On the occasion of the celebration of "dual 15th anniversary" – the 15th anniversary of the strategic partnership between China and ASEAN and the 15th anniversary of the China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO), the much anticipated "I Have a Word for CAEXPO" feature programme with widespread concern, which aims to bless and give the thumbs up to the CAEXPO, will be aired on Guangxi TV’s Guangxi News program, Cambodian Nice TV and other mainstream Chinese media and ASEAN media from September 1st.



Jointly launched by the CAEXPO Secretariat, Guangxi Daily and Guangxi TV, the blessings collection campaign named "I have a word for CAEXPO"  began to collect the blessings for the CAEXPO, the cooperation between China and ASEAN, and Guangxi from personages of all circles across the global from May 3. So far, blessings from more than 300 representatives from government officials, enterprises and merchants, experts and scholars, the media, and the general public in China, ASEAN and countries and regions along the " Belt and Road" have been received, together with over 200 blessing videos.


During the period from 2004 to 2018, the CAEXPO develops from scratch and persists in innovation. From serving "10+1" countries to serving countries along the "Belt and Road", it sees a brilliant 15 years with a pioneering attitude. Over the past 15 years, the CAEXPO has turned consensus into practice and brought about change with action. Participants, followers, supporters and beneficiaries of the CAEXPO from both China and foreign countries tell about the wonderful changes brought by the CAEXPO from different angles, share the rich fruits, and expect a better future.


The broadcast of this feature programme on the occasion of the countdown to the 15th CAEXPO will take a novel form to reflect this represents the 15 years for the win-win cooperation between China and ASEAN, the CAEXPO striding forward, and the development and change in Guangxi as a host. It is conducive to expanding the influence of the "dual 15th anniversary" and increasing the attention of the current CAEXPO.


The feature film will be broadcasted from September 1 in China’s mainstream media such as Guangxi TV and Guangxi Daily as well as Cambodian Nice TV and other ASEAN media. Stay tuned for the feature film named "I have a word for CAEXPO" aired on Guangxi TV’s Guangxi News program at 6:30 p.m. every night.



2018 also marks the year of innovation for China and ASEAN. With the theme of "Joint Efforts for the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, Building of China-ASEAN Innovation Community", the 15th CAEXPO will be held from September 12 to 15. Cambodia will serve as the country of honor a second time, and the African nation of Tanzania on the extension of the Maritime Silk Road will be a special partner for the first time. The CAEXPO features 35 forums.










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