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The 16th CAEXPO will be held on:

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Great Metamorphosis: Sidelights on the opening ceremony

Source: CAEXPO Wechat    Time:2018-09-14 11:14:40



Fifteen years of strategic cooperation through thick and thin and sharing and win-win situation at the 15th CAEXPO. China and ASEAN meet in Nanning in the golden month of September. 


On the morning of September 12, the opening ceremony of the 15th CAEXPO and China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit was held at the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center. This is the annual reunion of the China-ASEAN family. The participants discussed the great plan for cooperation and development, enjoyed the flourishing scene and witnessed the metamorphosis of pupa into a butterfly. 


Harvest season created by the the 15th CAEXPO and Business and Investment Summit



The Golden Osmanthus Hall is magnificent, And the opening ceremony kicked off here.Gold symbolizes harvest and abundance. The overall shape of the main stage at the Golden Osmanthus Hall is based on gold, and the giant Arabic numerals “15” on both sides highlight the special background of “15th Anniversary of China-ASEAN Strategic Cooperation” and “15th Anniversary of CAEXPO and Business and Investment Summit”. After 15 years, the China-ASEAN cooperation in all respects has yielded fruitful results which have been reflected in the golden scene.



Echoing with the golden stage, the entire corridor at the hall also adopts a golden tone, and 12 huge photos are hung around the hall. These are the “cities of charm” for China and 10 ASEAN countries as well as Tanzania, the special partner of this CAEXPO. Twelve cities of charm showcase their unique urban architecture, natural scenery and cultural landscape.



In the company of melodious music, artists and actors form Cambodian and Tanzanian performed distinctive dances and folk instrumental music, demonstrating unique and exotic atmosphere. The pictures of representative cities, natural scenery and folk customs elements displayed on the gigantic screen allow the guests to feel the international style of the CAEXPO.



The CAEXPO is co-sponsored by the competent economic and trade authorities of China and 10 ASEAN countries and the ASEAN Secretariat. In the past 15 years, the CAEXPO has continuously innovated its working mechanism, including the city of charm, the theme country, and the specially invited partner. The stable and efficient working mechanisms promote the expansion of the cooperation areas and the deepening of the cooperation content. Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of the theme country, led a delegation to the event for the 11th time. Seif Ali Iddi, the Second Vice President of Zanzibar, Tanzania which is the specially invited partner, led a high-level Tanzanian delegation to the event. The number of friends of CAEXPO is expanding. 


Silk for the Silk Road


A short film tells the touching stories of the Silk Road.



The Silk Road, based on the silk, has become a symbol of exchanges and cooperation between different nationalities and cultures. Silkworm, the origin of silk, works hard in their whole life, interpreting the moving stories of “spinning silk until their death”, and finally undergoing a metamorphosis into butterflies. Mulberry culture, sericulture, weaving, and silk are the results of concenstrating 5,000 years of wisdom. A splendid Silk Road civilization has come into being. Interconnectivity, mutual learning, sharing of great things, and a splendid future link the past and the future.



In ancient times, Lei Zu taught people to cultivate mulberry and reel silk to weave fabrics without reservation. A silkworm cocoon condenses the wisdom of the ancestors, reflects the philosophical thoughts of selfless sacrifice of human civilization, and indicates the sublimation and transformation of a pupa into a butterfly.



More than 600 years ago, Zheng He led his fleet on the westward voyage, bringing with them Chinese silk, porcelain, tea and culture. The ancient Maritime Silk Road opened the channel for China’s trade with countries along the maritime Silk Road.


In 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the Belt and Road initiative. This grand concept has received enthusiastic response from all over the world. This is China’s contribution to solving the development problems in today’s world.


In the past five years, the initiative has changed from an idea to action, and from a vision to a reality. China-ASEAN Information Harbor and Silk Road Fund were established, a southward channel was opened, imports trade was expanded, and the finance sector was opened wider. China continues to adopt a more open attitude, contributing more and more action and wisdom.



Open development for a brilliant future. Harmonious and auspicious children’s voice marks the future of the Silk Road. This is like a cocoon in which a pupa is about to break through, indicating the bright future of the ASEAN family. 



Cambodia as the Theme Country Twice


Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen attended 11 times such an exhibition only. This is the unique CAEXPO. 



“All the Cambodian people and I are deeply touched and feel very proud. At the special node this year, Cambodia becomes the theme country of the CAEXPO for the second time. In the past 15 years, CAEXPO has played an important role in promoting China-ASEAN cooperation.” Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen delivered a speech with deep feelings at the opening ceremony. This is the first stop for Hun Sen’s first visit to China after the establishment of the sixth government in Cambodia.



The theme country is the classic practice of win-win mechanism under the CAEXPO. Each CAEXPO will identify an ASEAN country as the theme country. The state leader of the theme country personally leads a delegation, give a speech at the opening ceremony and hold the national promotion conference, and so on. This mechanism was launched in 2007. In the 5th CAEXPO in 2008, Cambodia became the first theme country at the CAEXPO. This year is the second time that Cambodia serves as the theme country of the CAEXPO. 


Through the CAEXPO platform, Cambodia has scored remarkable results in economic and trade cooperation with China and other ASEAN countries. Cambodian agricultural products and foods such as organic brown sugar, , textiles and clothing, jewelry and handicrafts, furniture and wood products, and other featured products are highly popular at the CAEXPO. Cambodian enterprises, such as Jiahua Group, Angkor Beer and Golden Rice, entered the Chinese market via the CAEXPO. Chinese companies such as Shanghai Construction Group, China Road & Bridge Corporation, and China Datang Corporation have built new bases for cooperation in capacity in Cambodia. Many companies in Cambodia and China have forged cooperation at the CAEXPO.


Tanzania, new friend of the Maritime Silk Road


Tanzania, a passionate and hospitable African friend, caught the attention of all the guests as the specially invited partner of CAEXPO. 



At the opening ceremony, Seif Ali Iddi, the Second Vice President of Zanzibar, Tanzania delivered a keynote speech. This is the first time that the leader of an African country and the leaders of China and ASEAN countries jointly delivered speeches at the CAEXPO.



In 2014, the CAEXPO launched a special partnership mechanism to invite countries outside China-ASEAN region to serve as special partner at the CAEXPO and to continuously expand the cooperation area of the CAEXPO. Australia, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan successively served as specially invited partners at the 11th-14th CAEXPO. This year, the African country Tanzania is a special partner. The “new friend” from the extension line of the Maritime Silk Road brings not only the African enthusiasm, but also the new opportunities that belong to the community with a shared future for China and Africa. It brings vitality for China and Africa to implement the Belt and Road Initiative.


Tanzania becomes the first African country to participate in the CAEXPO. This marks the important role of the CAEXPO in promoting the construction of the China-Africa community with a shared future and spurring cooperation among the countries along the extension line of the Maritime Silk Road.


Witness the results and embark on a road of glory


As the laser pens in the hands of six representatives from China and ASEAN lit up the “Technology Diamond”, the words “Launching Ceremony of the Tour of ASEAN Young Scientists for Innovation in China” flashed in the center of the stage. Thanks to the sound and light stage effects, the guests could feel the high technology.



This is the stage for showing the results of this CAEXPO. 


The cooperation results of this CAEXPO shows the "Tour of ASEAN Young Scientists for Innovation in China". The program is a concrete action to implement President Xi Jinping’s technological innovation initiative at the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, carry out the Belt and Road technological innovation action plan, and promote humanities exchanges and cooperation among young scientists in China and ASEAN countries.


Only innovation has vitality. From political diplomacy to economic and trade promotion, from intergovernmental cooperation to  exchanges among people, the CAEXPO plays an increasingly important role in promoting China-ASEAN cooperation.


Reeling Machine and Butterfly for the Future with Limitless Possibilities

When Han Zheng, a member of Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the Vice Premier of the State Council, and the leaders of the ASEAN countries went on the stage, all the eyes focused on the center of the stage, expecting the start of the opening ceremony.



As the leaders roll the handle of the reeling machine, the cocoon gradually opens, and 16 beautiful butterflies fly out. At the same time, butterflies on the big screen are flying, and the fog was sprayed out from the sides of the stage and the wall behind the venue , while a cluster of colorful butterflies projected by lasers in the fog. In the soil in front of the slope, a green mulberry seedling was swaying in the wind. 60 children dressed as “butterfly elves” ran into the venue joyfully, waving butterfly wings. The entire venue became the ocean of the butterfly elves immediately. 



The children sang the theme song “Harmonious and Auspicious” in chorus.



Thunderous applause went up in the venue!  



The change from a pupa to flying butterflies means the long life, transformation and sublimation, just as the exchanges and cooperation between China and ASEAN deepen and yield fruits. The CAEXPO promotes the development of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area with its more pragmatic and efficient actions and better serves the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative.


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