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Grand Opening of 2018 China-ASEAN Information Harbor Digital Economy Forum

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2018-09-14 19:28:45
Introduction: On September 14, the 2018 China-ASEAN Information Harbor Digital Economy Forum kicked off in Nanning. The forum invited guests from all walks of life to speak and discuss the new formats and technologies in digital economy and other issues. It sets up a high-end dialogue platform for domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in development cooperation in China-ASEAN digital economy.
On the morning of September 14, China-ASEAN Information Harbor Digital Economy Forum was held in Nanning. With the theme of “Co-creating a Digital Future and Sharing the Economic Dividend”, the forum discussed the prospects of new formats and new technologies in regards to regional cooperation in digital economy, cloud computing, big data, smart cities, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, smart logistics, and information security, to build a high-end dialogue platform for domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in development cooperation in China-ASEAN digital economy.
The forum was hosted by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission and Guangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd., and was jointly undertaken by Digital Guangxi Group Co., Ltd. and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Mr. Qin Rupei, member of the CPC Standing Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and executive vice chairman of the region, Mr. Ma Zhongyu, Deputy Director of the National Information Center, and Mrs. ROS Sorakha, State Secretary of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and other Chinese and ASEAN politicians attended the summit and delivered speeches. This is the first time that a digital economic forum was held during China-ASEAN Expo. It attracted more than 300 Chinese and ASEAN government officials, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars to participate in, and provided opportunities for face-to-face exchanges on the digital construction of China and ASEAN countries.
Speech topic and guests:
1.“Big data development and its application in smart cities”, by Ma Zhongyu, Deputy Director of the State Information Center (SIC).  
2.“Smart Logistics embraces the arrival of the digital economy”, by Miao Tianye, President of Yunmanman 
3.“Digital Economy Transformation and Business Opportunities in Vietnam”, by Le viet thanh luan, CTO of FPT.
4.“Embracing the digital economy and moving towards a smart society” by Zheng Zhibin, General Manager of Global Smart City Solution Department, Huawei.  
5."New Internet Helps Digital Economy" by Wang Wei, Founder of DtDream Technologies Co., Ltd. 
6.“Accelerate the construction of digital Guangxi and build a regional cooperation platform”, by Liu Hong, Chairman of Digital Guangxi Group Co., Ltd.
7.“Building China-ASEAN Big Data Platform to Help the ‘Digital Guangxi’ Strategy”, by Fan Zuojun, Vice President of Guangxi University    
8.“AI+ Inclusive Finance” Helps Digital Economy Innovation”, by Shen Chaofeng, Chairman of iflybank financial, iFLYTEK Co., Ltd.
9.“Virtual Reality – The Educational Revolution in Progress”, by Sun Wei, Founding Dean and Professor, School of Software, Beihang University
10.“New Generation Information Security Technology Protects the Digital Economy” by Wu Yunkun, President of 360 Enterprise Security Group  
11.“Cooperation concept of Jingdong Cloud to assist cities in the new economic development” by Li Yongming, Vice President of Jingdong Cloud.
The successful hosting of China-ASEAN Information Harbor Digital Economy Forum will bring more opportunities for multi-field cooperation in the China-ASEAN digital economy and will effectively promote the high-quality development of the China-ASEAN digital economy & industry.

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