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50 Philippine Coconut Products Become Dazzling Instant Online Commodities

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2018-09-15 22:25:51
“Can this remove makeup?” A young women was obviously surprised at the function of a bottle of transparent coconut oil; however, Tan Jinbin, head of the participating enterprise seemed having got accustomed to such suspicions. At his back were a total of 50 varieties of commodities displayed at the exhibition, orderly arranged and various in sizes. “All of these commodities are made from coconuts,” he said. Tang was a regular participant in the China-ASEAN Expo. He will bring his series of coconut products for being displayed every year, and new items were added every year, including such coconut products as mosquito expelling ointment, cleansing water, breath spray and essential oil for hair care. There were many dazzling products about coconut, so some visitors exclaimed: “Never have we known that coconuts can be applied so widely.” 
According to Tang Jinbing, “Philippines’ coconut output ranks the front place in the world. All households there eat coconut oil.” In his eyes, the less CVD patients in Philippines is owed to the long-time consumption of safe and healthy coconut oil. “We have set up the largest coconut oil plant in Philippines, with an annual output of 7,200 tons of cold pressed coconut oil.” 
Tang Jinbing specially introduced to the visitors their main products: refined coconut oil and cold-pressed coconut oil. The former is made from copra, which is commonly applied in the food industry, while the latter is mostly made from fresh coconuts, as clear as water, and becomes white upon solidification. Due to the fact that it has not been treated at high temperature and by chemical materials, this kind of oil has preserved the original ingredients and acquires the special flavor and taste of coconut. Once opened, the bottle will let off a kind of fragrance which attracts quite a few visitors.
To Tang Jinbing’s surprise, female visitors have not shown any surprise this year when he explained to them that coconut oil can be used for nourishing hair. But there is a difference that coconut’s reputation has soared this year thanks to the promotion by many stars and celebrities on the social network sites, who claimed that coconut oil is multi-functional in terms of efficacy. This has made it one of the new online commodities in the cosmetics circle in China. A lady who participated in the exhibition frankly admitted that she was attracted by coconut oil due to her need for skin care. But to Tang Jinbing, coconut oil can be used far more widely. In addition to skin care and hair care, it can aslo be lipstick and massage essential oil. Pointing to his 50 commodities with coconut as raw materials, he said, “we often say that all parts of coconut are treasures. This is absolutely true.” (Hu Hanghua) 

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