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Wang Lei’s speech at the CEIITF

Source: 中国—东盟博览会官方微信    Time:2018-11-07 16:11:22

Extend the Value Chain of Conventions and Exhibitions as Efforts to Serve China’s Wider Opening-up


Speech at the China Convention & Exhibition Industry International Trade Forum


Mr. WANG Lei, Secretary-General of China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat and Chairman of Guangxi International Expositions Group


 (Shanghai, November 6, 2018)


Colleagues in the convention and exhibition industry, Friends, Good afternoon.  


At the outset, I wish to express, on behalf of the Guangxi International Expositions Group, the associate partner of this Forum, congratulations on the opening of this Forum and warm welcome to you all.



Thanks to unremitting efforts of the people engaging in this industry since the reform and opening-up policy was launched 40 years ago, China’s convention & exhibition (C&E) industry has grown from Trade of Commodities 1.0, Building Platforms 2.0, Boosting National Economy 3.0 to Aligning with National Strategy 4.0, contributing greatly to the opening-up and development of China. In the context of such a complex economic environment with trade conflict and other factors, it is C&E industry’s new mission to contribute to broadening the opening-up of China. But how can this industry complete the mission? My answer is to extend the value chain of the conventions and exhibitions, to enrich and upgrade these events, and to ensure high-quality development of the industry, so as to boost the high-quality development of the nation’s economy.  


I. To extend the industrial value chain is a Golden Key to enriching and upgrading the exhibitions and conventions.


The C&E value chain is a value chain based on the showcases of and trade in goods and services and the exchanges of views on trade, investment and other fields, plus with relevant supporting services. The shows, meetings and supporting services are effective supplements to each other, allowing participants to have valued-added business trips and their companies to take part in the division of labor in the region or even the world by a one-stop visit, which will help deepen the regional economic integration and economic globalization.  


To extend the C&E value chain is to design and arrange a series of sideline exhibitions, conventions and exchange activities on information, finance, logistics, Customs facilitation, development of industrial parks, science and technology, R&D and others that are highly relevant to the business of the participants, making them achieve more productive outcomes by a single visit. 


Five paths that might help extend the industrial value chain:


1.  To integrate exhibitions and conventions. Organizers can host conventions that are highly relevant to the theme of the exhibition on sidelines, where fair-goers can be meeting-goers and vice versa. Fair-goers will be provided with more value-added services and meeting-goers can obtain more tangible benefits. For example, the Germany International Toy Fair Nurnberg, by hosting commercial forums on the sideline for discussions of industrial development trend, attracts decision-makers and traders of toy companies from different countries every year, making it the largest one of its kind in the world. The CF Design Awards Ceremony held at the 124th Canton Fair last month offered a platform for the exporters to timely grasp the new trends towards design of products. 


2. To connect the upstream and downstream of the industry. Organizers can design and arrange exhibitions and sideline events connecting the upstream and downstream of the industry, and invite targeted exhibitors and visitors, to ensure closer links and interactions of the exhibitions and sideline events along the value chain for more value-added effects. For example, the BIOFACH Germany, with a value chain of Organic Food + Processing Machinery + Organic Certification, has attracted not only suppliers and buyers of the industry, but also certification agencies for companies to improve their competitiveness, helping them be upgraded to the top of the industrial chain.  


3. To offer more surrounding services. Organizers can provide more surrounding services in R&D, Customs clearance, logistics, finance and other services that are necessary to the trade shows and investment fairs, making participants obtain more extra services. The CeMAT hosted at the Hannover Messe 2018 not only presented to the participants business opportunities in Industry 4.0, but also a combination of digital industrial projects and smart logistics (Logistics 4.0 + Industry 4.0). 


4. To provide value-added services. Organizers can coordinate various resources in hotels, transportation, survey trips, leisure and entertainment, tourism, etc. to provide personalized one-stop services for the participants based on their own needs and demands.


5. To embrace information technology. Organizers can embrace information technology like Internet, big data and cloud computing to promote on-line service platforms and Apps to offer more business-friendly and convenient services for the participants. With precise pre-matching services, the on-line platform of the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, the largest exhibition on the beauty industry in the world, helped arrange over 9000 business talks at the fair last year. Despite popular hotel-booking Apps, organizers can take advantages of their own business database and local resources to develop more practical Apps to the participants. IT-based exhibitions/conventions will beyond doubt enjoy a very promising future.  


These five paths show that to extend the value chain of the exhibitions and conventions are concrete steps of the supply-side structural reform in the industry. By doing so, exhibitions and conventions can provide more effective supplies, maximize the economic returns of the participants, sustain the development of organizers, thus to improve the performance of and upgrade the industry.


II. How CAEXPO and GIEG to extend the value chain?


In recent years, by closely following the upgrading of the China-ASEAN FTA and the BRI, the CAEXPO has managed to design and arrange its exhibitions, to invite exhibitors and visitors, and to host B2B meetings and sideline forums and conferences. These exhibitions and sideline events that are highly relevant to each other serve as a whole, extending the CAEXPO value chain from the showcase of commodities and investment projects to international cooperation in science and technology, information, finance, production capacity, connectivity and commercial laws. In addition, we have expanded the exhibition venue, founded the Guangxi International Expositions Group and built a complete service chain, as efforts to create more value-added services for the participants.  


1.  Exhibitions + Conventions. Relevant high-end forums are held, as strong supplements to exhibitions on international production capacity cooperation, science & technology, environmental protection, meteorology and electric power. As for other exhibitions, relevant B2B events are hosted. Generally speaking, over 30 high-end forums and 80 B2B events are arranged at each of the CAEXPO. These sideline events, by covering more fields, can create higher value-added business trips for the fair-goers.


2. One Exposition + N Specialized Exhibitions. Apart from the main exposition held in each September, we also host 5 specialized exhibitions at home and tour exhibitions in 3 ASEAN countries around the year, extending the event value chain in terms of time and space.  


3. Expansion of Exhibition Venue. The expansion project of the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center (NICEC), the CAEXPO main venue, has been almost completed. With the exhibition area being increased to 110,000 sqm from 60,000 sqm in 2003, more supporting facilities are available, including Pass Center, Opening Ceremony Hall, Press Center, Customs Supervision Area, Warehousing Area, Catering Area and well-equipped fixed rooms for simultaneous interpreters, etc. In addition, the newly-built Howard Johnson CAEXPO Plaza Nanning right behind the NICEC is now under operation and the commercial street will open soon next year.


4. Founding of Guangxi International Expositions Group. The GIEG, as the CAEXPO Chief Operator, will integrate the brand value of the CAEXPO and the facilities of the NICEC to build a complete service chain for conventions and exhibitions. Major business of the GIEG includes a. inviting and organizing exhibitors and visitors to the CAEXPO, CAEXPO brand building and operation, and exhibition services, etc.; organizing other exhibitions and conventions; b. management of the NICEC and its supporting facilities; c. management of hotel, office building, commercial street and property of the complex; d. exploring new businesses along the up/down stream of the industry; and d. fund-raising for potential partnership. We are very looking forward to closer cooperation with other players in the industry for win-win outcomes.


III. Expectations on CIIE’s extension of value chain


The 1st CIIE was opened yesterday. We expect that the CIIE could extend its value chain by not only boosting international trade, but also releasing, promoting and interpreting China’s import policies and translating China’s new policies on wider opening-up into tangible benefits for the companies through various events held on sidelines, so as to build the Expo as a wind vane for China’s import policies and a new window for China to broaden the opening-up, thus to make new contribution to an open world economy.    


To conclude, I wish China a prosperous C & E industry. I wish you every success with your business. I wish you good health and all the best.




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