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Quotable Quotes|CAEXPO Seminar on Investment (Indonesia)2019

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Policy and Investment Opportunities in Indonesia

By Gustanto, Consul General of the Consulate General of Indonesia in Guangzhou


Indonesia will become the country of honor for the upcoming China-ASEAN Expo to be held in September this year. As the biggest nation in ASEAN countries Indonesia would maximize the occasion to showcase its various potential opportunities in economy as well as in social and culture. China and Indonesia are also highly complementary and enjoy great potentials for cooperation. the two countries are both developing countries and major emerging economies. We are shouldering the same historical responsibility of national revitalization, and sharing similar goals, common concepts and complementary strategies. In this regard, we are faced with precious opportunities of coordinating development strategies, comprehensively advancing win-win cooperation and achieving common prosperity.




The Indonesia-China strategic partnership which was signed by the two leaders in 2013 has proven to be effective mean in boosting the bilateral ties. Strong bilateral relation of both countries is an opportunity to deepen economic cooperation for the sake of improving prosperity. As the biggest country in ASEAN, Indonesia offers investment opportunity with various advantages. 250 millions populations with high GDP and around 65 million middle class are some advantages for Chinese investors. 


Against this backdrop, I would like to share with you all that at the end of March 2019, Chinese delegation led by Vice Chairman of National Development and Reform paid a visit to Indonesia to participate in the 1st Joint Steering Committee on Regional Comprehensive Economic Corridors under the framework cooperation of Indonesia’s Global Maritime Fulcrum and China’s Belt and Road Initiative.


One significant results of the meeting is that the two sides agree to conduct feasibility studies for two projects in North Kalimantan and North Sulawesi. Some projects under the framework of Regional Comprehensive Economic Corridors are also agreed upon. Private sectors should also follow the initiatives to invest in Indonesia as the government has upgraded investment climate and hundreds of opportunities are in place. 


Indonesia. By Guo Dongni


Indonesia and China enjoy good bilateral relations since decades ago as it reflected in some categories. For instance our two-way trade volume has steadily increased. In 2018 it reached approximately USD 77,4 billion and it placed China as the biggest trading partner of Indonesia. I believe that the trade volume will significantly increase this year as China would raise its import from Indonesia especially commodities such as palm oil, tropical fruits as well as other agricultural crops. An example to this case is trade transaction during the 2018 China-ASEAN Expo which reached to USD 6,21 million significantly increase compare the one 2017 with total number of USD 2,1 million. The number indicates that Chinese people are more attracted and interested in buying various products from Indonesia. It is my hope that this year bigger transaction would take place in the expo.  


In term of investment, since 2013 China’s investment to Indonesia has been increasing very significant. Data from Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board shows that the amount of China’s investment to Indonesia in 2013 was USD 297 million and placed the country in rank 12 after Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 2015 the amount increased more than double up to USD 628 million. Due to good performance of Indonesia’s economy, the Chinese investor steadily kept investing their fund and by the end of 2017 the amount reached up to USD 3,361 billion. Total Chinese investment in Indonesia from 2013 until November 2018 was USD 9,5 billion. 


To attract more foreign investors, Government of Indonesia has continually upgraded Investment Regulation and applies structural reform to create law and business certainty. The World Bank as well as other financial institutions appraise Indonesia policy and effort to improve easy-doing business.  The World Bank regards Indonesia as top improver. Since 2013 to 2017 Indonesia was able to improve its position from 125 to 91 and first quarter of 2018 more improvement was achieved up to 72. 


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