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CAEXPO:Open a Vast World of Cooperation between Brunei and China

Source: CAEXPO Wechat    Time:2019-09-07 19:12:24

"You can't build a deep friendship without mutual understanding." This is a widely known proverb in Brunei. China and Brunei have established and maintained a tradition of friendly exchanges since ancient times, laying a solid foundation for today's friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries.




Brunei. By Wei Ting


As an important country along the Maritime Silk Road, Brunei is attracting increasingly more Chinese investment. The economic and trade cooperation between China and Brunei has developed rapidly and the economic and trade relations have deepened day by day. In 2014, at the 11th China-ASEAN Exposition, the Brunei government and the government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, decided to build the “Brunei-Guangxi Economic Corridor”. Since then, more and more Chinese companies have entered Brunei. China has provided great assistance to the construction of Brunei's infrastructure and built the Damora Bridge, the Telisai-Lumut Expressway, the Ulu Tutong Dam and other projects, as well as the largest infrastructure project in Brunei history - the Temburong Cross-sea Bridge connecting Brunei mainland and Temburong District.


In 2018, the bilateral trade volume between the Brunei and China was 1.84 billion U.S. dollars, up 86% year-on-year. The two countries have achieved remarkable results in cooperation in investment and contractual services. By the end of February 2019, China had concluded engineering contracts with a total contract price of 3.25 billion US dollars in Brunei, and completed a turnover of 3.34 billion US dollars. The exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in the fields of civil aviation, health, culture, tourism, sports, education and justice have gradually begun.


Brunei. By Yan Changhui

The sustained and rapid development of economic and trade cooperation between China and Brunei cannot be separated from the “booster” - China-ASEAN Exposition.



Cooperation between Brunei and China has produced great achievements in China-ASEAN Exposition started 15 years ago



The Brunei government attaches great importance to China-ASEAN Exposition. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah attended the 3rd and the 14th China-ASEAN Expo, at which Brunei was the country of honor. National leaders such as Crown Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah and Princess Hajah Masna also attended China-ASEAN Expo. Over the years, all walks of life in Brunei have actively participated in China-ASEAN Expo and benefited greatly. It can be said that China-ASEAN Expo has brought many opportunities for cooperation to Brunei.


Through China-ASEAN Expo, a number of important project agreements between Brunei and China were signed. At the signing ceremony of the 11th China-ASEAN Expo, Brunei and Guangxi officially signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Economic and Trade Cooperation along Guangxi and Brunei Economic Corridor. The two sides started comprehensive cooperation in agriculture, industry, logistics, halal food processing, health care, biomedicine, tourism and other fields. With 15 consecutive years of exhibition experience, Brunei's advantageous industries have emerged with the continuous expansion of the scale of the exhibition at the Expo. In the previous Expos, Brunei presented a total of 653 booths and 240 exhibiting companies. At the 15th China-ASEAN Expo, Brunei mainly exhibited feature and advantageous products such as food and beverages, health products, port operations, and educational services. Brunei's halal food, seafood, electronic information products and services have become very prestigious brands at the Expo. They are favored by purchasers and have gradually entered Chinese market.




Through the “City of Charm” exhibition at the Expo, Brunei has attracted more and more Chinese tourists. The fascinating places of interest, unique humanities and customs, and colorful national art performances have promoted political friendly exchanges and economic and trade cooperation between China and ASEAN cities. In 2018, the total number of personnel exchanges between the two countries was about 61,300, a year-on-year growth of 2.9%. Among them, there were 52,200 Chinese tourists visiting Brunei and 9,100 Brunei tourists visiting China.



Shared Prosperity on "the Belt and Road": China-ASEAN Expo helps promote cooperation between Brunei and China



The 16th China-ASEAN Expo will be held in Nanning from September 21-24, 2019, and will continue to build a platform for exchanges and cooperation between China and ASEAN countries including Brunei.


The Brunei booths at this Expo remain basically the same as last year. The charming city of Bandar Seri Begawan will once again show its unique style. The commodity hall continues to use 32 booths. The products and services participating in the exhibition are still dominated by halal food and beverage, handicrafts, electronic products, textiles and clothing, tourism services, information technology, higher education, trade and investment services, and medical services.


The Silk Road is still radiating vitality. This China-ASEAN Expo will theme on "Co-building the Belt and Road and Jointly Drawing the Vision of Cooperation", take the opportunity of the release of "China-ASEAN Strategic Partnership Vision 2030" and the China-ASEAN Media Exchange Year to promote the upgraded version of China-ASEAN free trade zone.



This China-ASEAN Expo will host events such as nation-specific promotion conferences, cultural performances such as "Cities of Charm" to highlight the national image, show the development achievements and business opportunities in the economic and cultural fields of the country. A wealth of high-end exchange activities for the country of honor, investment and trade, as well as special promoting activities will be held so that Brunei exhibitors will have more opportunities to communicate with ASEAN companies.



There is an old saying in China, "It is important to understand each other when making friends". China-Brunei friendly cooperation will take a higher step. The fruitful results to be brought by this China-ASEAN Expo to Brunei and China are worth looking forward to.

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