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'ASEAN model' of innovation hailed as key to meeting SDGs

Source: China Daily    Time:2019-09-09 19:28:36

Southeast Asia offers concrete proof that novel and localized models can help solve some of the most pressing social and development problems, a senior official said on Thursday.



According to Kung Phoak, Association of Southeast Asian Nations' deputy secretary-general for ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community, local communities, social enterprises and nonprofit groups in ASEAN have shown that inclusive innovation is the key to meeting sustainable development goals, or SDGs.


The SDGs, which were approved in 2015 by 193 member states of the United Nations, aim to address the world's most pressing problems by 2030. The 17 goals include ending poverty and hunger, reducing maternal deaths and providing universal access to basic education.


"Our region is a fertile ground for boundless innovation. This kind of innovation responds to the specific needs of the people," Phoak said at the closing of a symposium on the SDGs.


The symposium, which was held in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi, was organized by ASEAN, the Chinese mission to ASEAN and the United Nations Development Programme.



Vietnam. By Chen Yidan


Phoak said the presentations, field visits and discussions held in Hanoi showed that the symposium's participants have a "collective understanding" that innovation can spring from various sources.


"Innovation includes rather than marginalizes and has the potential of bringing people together," he said.


This kind of innovation is the "ASEAN model", according to Miguel Musngi, senior officer at the poverty eradication and gender division of the ASEAN Secretariat.


Musngi cited the "innovation hubs" in Hanoi and how they are helping and empowering disadvantaged groups.


Other organizations from Southeast Asia also made presentations on how they are solving social issues in ways that are more customized to the needs of the local communities.


Phoak from ASEAN also cited China's contribution to ASEAN's goal to meet its SDGs.


"China has consistently helped ASEAN in realizing the SDGs," he said, noting that members of the regional bloc "learned a lot of from China's experience in eradicating poverty and inclusive innovation".


China's Ambassador to ASEAN Huang Xilian said China's success in lifting more than 700 million from poverty is due to country's people-centered policy, noting that the government is committed to providing a better life and shared prosperity.




He said China is an "active participant and contributor to global cooperation against poverty" and will continue to support other developing countries to slash poverty incidence.


Source:China Daily

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