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CAEXPO's first blue paper officially published

Source: CAEXPO Wechat    Time:2019-09-10 15:02:05
CAEXPO’s first blue paper Development Report on ASEAN Industrial Parks in the Context of China-ASEAN International Production Capacity Cooperation, is officially published recently. It is an innovative measure for the China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) to serve enterprises and boost economic and trade effectiveness. It provides practical information for enterprises which carry out cooperation in international production capacity and parks. 
At present, Chinese enterprises have high demand for production capacity cooperation and investment in ASEAN industrial parks. However, due to information imbalance, many Chinese enterprises committed to “Going Global” lack channels for learning about the investment environment of ASEAN countries. This book aims to satisfy enterprises’ demand for information in this category by providing practical and authoritative information on industrial policies and investment environment of parks, among others. The book is compiled by the CAEXPO Secretariat and China Economic Information Service and published by Xinhua Publishing House. This book has the characteristics in the following respects: 
The first is practicability. This wide-ranging, informative and targeted book fully meets the needs of enterprises with respect to China-ASEAN cooperation in production capacity, industrial parks in ASEAN countries and others, including investment environment and preferential policies at industrial parks in ASEAN countries.
The second is authoritativeness. The information of this book is provided by the relevant government departments and park management parties in China and ASEAN countries, covering policy interpretation and risk analysis. It provides credible information support for enterprises to invest in industrial parks in ASEAN and participate in China-ASEAN international production capacity cooperation.
The third is uniqueness. In addition to production capacity cooperation and ASEAN industrial parks, this book also introduces the featured events of the China-ASEAN Expo in terms of production capacity and parks, such as events of international production capacity cooperation, investment promotion conference of ASEAN industrial parks, CAEXPO investment cooperation roundtables, symposiums for economic and commercial counsellors of Chinese embassies in ASEAN countries and entrepreneurs, etc. It provides platform support for enterprises to conduct cooperation in international production capacity through ASEAN industrial parks. 
The fourth is innovation. This book offers an innovative way to extend the four-day CAEXPO services to the whole year and to provide direct information services for enterprises which carry out daily investment and trade activities between China and ASEAN. It is a concrete embodiment of the expo to extend the value chain of the expo and provide value-added services for enterprises.
By Wu Zhiyong

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