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China-ASEAN E-Commerce Forum 2019 Held in Nanning

Source: Guangxi News    Time:2019-09-25 11:10:48
China-ASEAN E-Commerce Forum 2019 was opened in Nanning on September 22 under the theme of “New Opportunities for Silk Road E-Commerce and New Drivers of the Digital Economy”. Hosted by the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and organized by the Department of Commerce of the Autonomous Region, the forum brought together experts, scholars and industry elites in the e-commerce field from China and ASEAN countries. Keynote speeches and high-end dialogues were carried out on two major topics of cross-border e-commerce and rural e-commerce development. The event aims to deepen China-ASEAN economic and trade cooperation in the Internet sector, share new opportunities in the development of the digital economy, build China-ASEAN e-commerce ecosystem with cross-border connectivity and innovation-driven development, and open a new chapter in the development of China-ASEAN e-commerce. It was attended by more than 800 participants from leading e-commerce enterprises in China including Huawei, Jingdong, SF Express, lecuntao.com, and China Post and enterprises from ASEAN countries such as the Philippines, Laos and Vietnam.

It is reported that this forum features a clear theme, rich content, diverse forms, and contract signing for projects. In keeping with the latest trends in the development of the Internet and e-commerce in Guangxi, participants explored the new trends, new models and new business types of cross-border e-commerce and rural e-commerce development in the 5G era. The forum explored new paths for China-ASEAN e-commerce development and intensified new cooperation between e-commerce companies in China and ASEAN.
In the morning, representatives of enterprises including Xu Ping, President of Henan Import Materials Bonded Center Group Co., Ltd.; Yin Jing, President of LAZADA Group; Hu Rongfeng, Vice President of Digital Government Business Department of Huawei; and Ding Qingshan, Vice President of Viettel Post delivered keynote speeches entitled “E-Trade Promote China-ASEAN Connectivity”, “Digital Southeast Asia, New Opportunities for E-commerce”, “Digital Economy, Smart IoE”, and “New Opportunities in E-Commerce and Logistics for China and Vietnam” with respect to such topics as cross-border e-commerce and digital economy. In the afternoon, enterprise representatives including Liu Haibo, Vice President of SF Express (Group) Co., Ltd.; Zhao Shiquan, Chairman of Shanxi Lecuntao Network Technology Co., Ltd.; and Zhou Yong, Vice President of ZBJ.com Co., Ltd. were engaged in high-end dialogue with government representatives including Wu Xiaohui, Deputy Party Secretary of the CPC Committee and Mayor of Pingxiang City on “developing rural e-commerce to help poverty alleviation.” The participants offered advice and suggestions on online sale of agricultural products, platform construction, brand cultivation, logistics and distribution, traceability system construction, training of talents and so forth.
It is understood that this forum took the form of “forum + investment promotion + exhibition” for the first time. Special exhibition was set up at the Nandamen cross-border e-commerce direct purchase center of Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Zone and the flagship store at Guangxi Post Wharf for displaying some 50,000 varieties of cross-border e-commerce products. moreover, the flash sale of online cross-border commodities were held concurrently on the online malls, including Nandamen, Post Wharf, Mayiyanghuo, and MMGO, triggering a wave of consumption of cross-border e-commerce products. 2019 China-ASEAN investment promotion meeting for new cross-border e-commerce was also held at the same time. It is directly geared to China (Nanning) Comprehensive Experimental Zone for Cross-border E-commerce. Domestic comprehensive experimental zones for cross-border e-commerce, well-known e-commerce enterprises, payment enterprises, and logistics enterprises were invited for free discussion on cooperation.
The forum promoted pragmatic cooperation in a number of projects. The Nanning Municipal People’s Government signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Promoting LAZADA Development in Nanning with LAZADA Group; Guangxi Nandamen Cross-border E-Commerce Operation Co., Ltd. signed the “Cross-Border E-commerce Business Cooperation Agreement” with 4 enterprises including SF Express; E-commerce Bureau of China Post’s Guangxi Branch signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” with 4 enterprises including Chengdu Pengzhan Air Transport Co., Ltd. The cross-border e-commerce ecosystem and industrial chain in Guangxi was further improved.
It is reported that the 2019 China-ASEAN E-Commerce Forum is the sixth high-level forum in the e-commerce field held during the China-ASEAN Expo. Previous forums resulted in the settlement of upwards of 20 e-commerce projects in Guangxi, including Jingdong’s “No. 1 Asian Warehouse” e-commerce industry park, overseas warehouse, Google AdWords Experience Center, and Alibaba “One Touch”. The establishment of China (Guangxi) Free Trade Zone was approved by the State Council this year. Guangxi give full play to the role of Nanning, Qinzhou Port Free Trade Zone, and Pingxiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone to develop cross-border e-commerce online shopping bonded import and retail direct purchase import business, promote the “B2B” business of international commodity cross-border trade enterprises, innovate cross-border e-commerce development models, and set up ASEAN-oriented cross-border e-commerce cluster, regional logistics distribution center and overseas bonded warehouse cluster.
This forum will bring more opportunities for cooperation of Internet and e-commerce enterprises in China and ASEAN, promote mutually beneficial and win-win China-ASEAN economic and trade cooperation, and give an impetus to the development of China-ASEAN e-commerce industry and the transformation and upgrading of the traditional economy.(Author: Li Yingying)

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