Full confidence in the 17th CAEXPO to be held as scheduled

Source: CAEXPO Wechat    Time:2020-03-19 08:31:54
The 17th China-ASEAN Expo will be held as scheduled in Nanning, Guangxi on September 18-21, 2020. According to the CAEXPO Secretariat, every preparatory work for the coming event is going well. The number of booths booked by foreign exhibitors is expected to exceed 1700, and about 1500 of them will be used by ASEAN exhibitors, showing early progress made in inviting and organizing foreign exhibitors and trade visitors.


ASEAN and other foreign countries remain confident in CAEXPO and its role as a platform is underscored. Recently, the CAEXPO Secretariat has coordinated the efforts in both fighting against the COVID-19 and preparing for the 17th CAEXPO. Modern communication tools like phone, e-mail or video call are employed for business talks and exhibitors & trade visitors inviting and organizing. Co-sponsors in ASEAN countries have all sent letters for chartering independent exhibition halls or increasing booth numbers. ROK, Poland and other non-ASEAN countries also expressed their wishes to participate in the CAEXPO again, as impressive outcomes were seen at the previous sessions. The strong faith and firm support from those countries have underpinned the CAEXPO’s role as a platform for boosting China-ASEAN exchanges and cooperation, and serving the Belt & Road construction.

ASEAN countries attach great importance to the CAEXPO with many having confirmed to charter independent halls. Lao PDR, the 17th CAEXPO Country of Honor has confirmed to use the whole Hall D5 of Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center, making a record for its exhibition size. Vietnam and Cambodia request increasing their booth numbers. Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand will continue to charter independent halls. Other countries will soon confirm their booth numbers.


ASEAN Jewelry Pavilion is set up for the first time to feature ASEAN specialties. The 17th CAEXPO will mainly showcase 4 categories of advantageous ASEAN exhibits, namely, food & beverage, consumer goods, bulk commodities and service products, which enjoy huge market potential and strong complementarities. The proposal to set up a ASEAN Jewelry Pavilion is welcomed and supported by co-sponsors from countries like Myanmar which is blessed with rich jewelry and jade resources. 

Foreign exhibitors from non-ASEAN countries show keen interest in the CAEXPO and more innovations are introduced in the Belt & Road International Pavilion. Exhibitor organizers from ROK and Australia as well as the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology of Poland will all continue to participate in the expo. A cross-border e-commerce pavilion will be set up for the first time this year for exhibitors from e-commerce platforms and retailing sectors in China, ASEAN and other countries, showcasing cross-border e-commerce services and imported goods. Besides, a RCEP pavilion will make its debut at the expo, using custom-built booths to display investment information and specialties from Japan, ROK, Australia and India, etc.

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