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The 16th CAEXPO will be held on:

Sep 20th-23rd,2019 8:30-17:00 (Trade Days)

Sep. 23rd,2019(Public Day)


Rich Business Yields at the Previous Two CAEXPOs

Source:     Time:2006-08-04 09:55:54

At the 1st CAEXPO, 210 categories from 11 sectors were showcased, covering products like machineries & equipments, hardwares & minerals and agricultural produce. 1,505 enterprises participated as exhibitors and over 18,000 persons joined as exhibitors and buyers. USD1.084 billion worth of deals were concluded (including USD99 million of domestic trade volume).

At the 2nd CAEXPO, 3,300 booths were set up in 4 pavilions, namely, the National Pavilion, Pavilion of Commodity Trade, Pavilion of Investment and Cooperation, Pavilion of Tourism. 2,000 enterprises participated as exhibitors. 782 booths were used by exhibitors from the 10 ASEAN countries and other countries/regions in the world, which was 27.4% of the total booth number. 170 kinds of products from 5 categories were showcased at the 2nd CAEXPO, namely, machinery & equipment, electronics & electrical appliances, light industry & handicrafts, hardware & building materials, agricultural produce and foodstuffs. 25,000 persons from home and abroad participated in the 2nd CAEXPO as exhibitors and buyers, including 12,000 Chinese buyers and 6,000 purchasers from outbound China. The aggregate trading volume topped USD1.15 billion, a 6% increase over that of the previous CAEXPO, among which, the export volume was USD820 million, import, USD170 million and domestic trade, USD160 million; as for product categories, USD250 million worth of trade were concluded for machinery and equipment, USD110 million were for agricultural produce, USD180 million for electronics and electrical appliances, USD130 million for hardware and building materials and others were USD480 million.

·Shanghai Huapu Automobile Co. Ltd., one of the Top 500 import & export enterprises in China, concluded an order worth of over RMB10 million.

(Source: The China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat)


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