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Brunei builders eyeing CAEXPO

Source:     Time:2008-09-27 11:16:55

Members of Brunei's construction industry will be making a beeline to secure high quality construction materials in the form of doors, windows and curtain walls at the 5th China-Asean Expo (CAEXPO).
According to a current report, a large number of Chinese leading producers of doors, windows and curtain walls will swamp the 5th China- Asean Expo (CAEXPO) which brings together a huge quantity of quality building materials to woo Brunei delegates.
The 5th CAEXPO to be held in Nanning, China from Oct 22-25 will set aside the exhibition section of building materials, as did in previous year, to showcase Chinese building materials that find ready markets in the Asean countries including Brunei.
Over 300 booths will be erected to display five categories of products, including building ceramics, sanitary wares and bathroom accessories, paving materials, doors, windows and curtain walls and chemical building materials, among which, doors, windows & curtain walls are the key focus.
The past four successful sessions have seen sound trading volumes in building materials such as doors, windows and curtain walls. Two Chinese brand names in this sector, Guangxi Pingguo Aluminum and Shenzhen Kelax Compound Material Co. Ltd. achieved trade volumes of US$75 million and US$37 million respectively at the 4th CAEXPO. Other Chinese renowned producers of doors, windows and curtain walls like Pingguo Asia Aluminum Co. Ltd, Alnan Aluminum, Guangya Aluminum, Panpan Door, Chongqing Meixin Door, Chongqing Specialstar Door are also well received by Asean purchasers.
Currently, with the steady growth of the Southeast Asian economies, Asean countries have reaped rapid development in the fields of transportation, communications, energy, electric power and other infrastructure construction, thus producing an increasing demand for building material. And the demand for aluminum used in making doors, windows and curtain walls has also grown by a large margin. In 2007, Brunei imported from China US$7.52 million worth of doors, windows and curtain walls, up 16% over 2006.
China is the largest producer and consumer of building materials in the world, whose outputs rank No. 1 globally.
The CAEXPO Secretariat will continue to work with the China National Building Materials Trade Association and other related Chinese domestic professional associations to organise more renowned enterprises to the event. So far, some leading players in this sector have confirmed to attend the 5th CAEXPO as exhibitors, such as Pingguo Asia Aluminum Co. Ltd, Alnan Aluminum Co. Ltd, Panpan Security Industry Co. Ltd, Fujian Nanping Aluminum Co. Ltd, Guangdong Galuminum Group Ltd and Hormann Beijing Door Production Co. Ltd., etc.
During the 5th CAEXPO, as usual, temporary direct chartered flights are available from Bandar Seri Begawan to Nanning. Roundtrip flights will also be provided from Hong Kong and Guangzhou to Nanning, which take only an hour for a one-way trip, to facilitate the participants of the China Import & Export Fair (the Canton Fair) to extend their trips to the CAEXPO.
source:Borneo Bulletin

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