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Thai Enterprises Attend the 6th CAEXPO Enthusiastically

Source:     Time:2009-07-29 13:53:09

Editor’s note: The 6th China-ASEAN Expo is scheduled to be held on Oct 20-24, 2009 in Nanning, China. The event is held in the context of two major issues in today’s world: the first is the wide-spreading global financial impact on the world economy, and the second is that the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) will be established in 2010. Therefore, in order to gain development, we have to confront the challenges in face and seek new opportunities as well.

The CAEXPO, as the platform of economic and trade cooperation which is co-sponsored by China and the 10 ASEAN countries, has received wide attentions from governments and enterprises in these countries. Thai government grants consistent supports the event, and Thai enterprises enthusiastically attend it too. With the increased influence of the CAEXPO, Guangxi has highlighted its position in the exchanges between China and the ASEAN countries. The Commercial Section of Royal Thai Consulate-General was officially launched in Nanning.


Recently, our correspondent made an exclusive interview with Miss Kanjana Pongpanich, the newly appointed Commercial Director.

Correspondent (C): Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva made state visit to China in  this June. In his interview with media, he attached great importance to the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) which is to be established in 2010 and the China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) which themes on the CAFTA. Would you comment on the role of China-ASEAN Expo in the economic and trade cooperation between China and Thailand?

Miss Kanjana Pongpanich (K): I think the CAEXPO plays an important role in the economic and trade cooperation between Thailand and China, which shapes a platform for both governments and enterprises to enhance economic and trade exchanges. Thailand has all along attached great importance to the event, in which Thai government officials and businessmen have taken active part, both at the theme conferences and seminars, and the exhibition of commodities and business talks as well, displaying the fruitful achievements we have made in bilateral exchanges and presenting the positive prospects of our cooperation.

In addition, the Commercial Section of Royal Thai Consulate-General in Nanning has been officially established, which highlights the importance of bilateral economic and trade relations and closer ties, and is believed to enhance the business relation of both sides.

C: At present, governments and enterprises of all the countries are seeking effective countermeasures against the continued global financial crisis. The CAEXPO, which is co-sponsored by China and ASEAN, has become an important platform of China-ASEAN economic and trade cooperation. Would you tell us how to strengthen confidence and cooperation of Chinese and Thai enterprises, via the sound platform of the CAEXPO, to cope with the crisis?

K: Currently, economic crisis spreads all over the world, the western countries, in particular, are severely victimized by economic slowdown. However, Chinese government still sets an 8% growth rate for its economy and has taken stimulus package to ensure the economic growth, all of which have brought back the confidence to many countries in China’s economy.

The trade and transactions made on CAEXPO may probably become the real bulky import/export deals of both sides, which have greatly boosted the confidence of Thai producers and exporters in doing business with China, and will result in the increase of bilateral trade volume and the economic growth of Thailand in the end.

C: The CAEXPO has been successfully carried out for the 5 consecutive sessions, with more and more Thai enterprises participating in the event as exhibitors and trade visitors. Would you brief us on the overall impressions and comments of Thai businesses on the event?

K: The previous 5 successful sessions of the CAEXPO have made significant achievements. The event has not only made Thai people know more about China, especially about Guangxi as well as its capital city Nanning, but also highlights the important role of Thailand as the hub linking the Southeast Asia and China in terms of economy and trade, and enhancing the livelihood of people in the region.

C: Please tell us what you have done to organize and encourage Thai businesses to attend the CAEXPO as exhibitors this year, and what new measures can be made next for inviting trade visitors in your country?

K: Apart from the regular publicity activities, we have provided a variety of facilities and conveniences to Thai enterprises for them to attend the event as exhibitors, for example, the convenience in transporting exhibits, coordination of government agencies to provide necessary certificates, business matching of trading partners, selection of quality products for exhibition, and holding relevant promotion activities, and so on.

C: What is your expectation for the upcoming 6th CAEXPO?

K: I believe that the 6th CAEXPO will see more Thai exhibitors than ever. According to the survey and questionnaires made last year, nearly all of the Thai exhibitors were satisfied with the work of the organizer, and have expressed their willingness to attend the grand event this year.


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