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With Two Visits, South Korea Favors China-ASEAN Expo in Nanning

Source:CAEXPO Secretariat   Time:2015-08-19 17:47:34


“Korea-China Trade Fair 2013” will be held at the International Convention Center of Nanning on September 3, 2013, which is the second promotion event held by South Korea during the Expo after that in 2012. This trade fair will, continuously following the purpose of promoting the economic and trade contacts between China and South Korea, introduce and promote the various featured products from North Chwungcheng Province to China’s merchants. At the trade fair, different product promotion activities will be held on foods, wines, medicines and commodities from North Chungcheong, South Korea, proving a new platform for Chinese enterprises to know more about South Korea’s enterprises and products.

North Chungcheong Province at the middle part of South Korea has established friendly relations with Guangxi Province since 2007. With beautiful landscape, it boasts rich featured products and is relatively developed in economy. It is rich in ginseng, grape, Jincheon rice, yellow tobacco and various medical herbs, and has many horticultural plants. Its main industrial products include chemical fertilizer, concrete, textile, metal, machinery and food processing, etc.

This trade fair will play a positive role in further promoting the influence of Expo. South Korea’s promotion event at the Expo will further indicate that the Expo is not just a stage of China and ASEAN countries, and now it is developing towards a stage of Asia and even a stage of the world. (Tang Hanyu)
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