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The 11th CAEXPO

From Regional to International: CAEXPO Gains Support from WTO and ITC

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2015-08-20 11:28:52


2014 marks the beginning of Diamond Decade and the constructing of Maritime Silk Road in the 21st century. With the title of "National A-Level Convention & Exhibition", China-ASEAN Expo gains strong support from World Trade Organization (WTO) and International Trade Center (ITC).

Mr. Karl Brauner, Deputy Director-General of WTO, said in his letter to the Organizing Committee of CAEXPO: China-ASEAN Expo has greatly promoted economic growth and friendly exchanges within the area. It shares common goals with WTO — "promoting trade cooperation, creating investment opportunities and establishing a business environment that is competition-friendly, equitable and energetic. These common goals will lay a solid foundation for the future cooperation between CAEXPO and WTO. He also mentioned that Mr. Yi Xiaozhun, Deputy Director-General of WTO, would attend this year’s CAEXPO.

Madame Arancha González, Executive Director of ITC, said in her reply to the invitation of CAEXPO: it would be a great honor for ITC to attend the 11th China-ASEAN Expo and ITC will offer support to the Organizing Committee of CAEXPO. Senior ITC officials would attend the CAEXPO and organize the Seminar on Trade Development between China and LDCs in Southeastern Asia.

China-ASEAN Expo is the only international event of trade and economic exchanges with China-ASEAN FTA as its theme. The opportunities brought by China-ASEAN FTA benefit all nations especially developing and transitional economies. With the support of WTO (the leader of global economic integration) and ITC (the facilitator of trade and economic transition for developing countries), China and ASEAN can better integrate into global economic cooperation through CAEXPO and CAEXPO will make steady progress in its pursuit of global strategy.

CAEXPO will receive valuable suggestions and experience guidance from WTO and ITC regarding the promotion of global economic integration, establishment of complete and permanent multi-lateral trading system and trade facilitation for developing and economy-transitional countries. What’s more, CAEXPO will be recommended by WTO and ITC to other relevant institutions and organizations, which means that CAEXPO will fulfill its goal of moving from regional to international.

As a grand event of trade and economic exchanges both domestically and internationally, CAEXPO has made continuous efforts to go global: Australia will be the first Special Guest Country of CAEXPO; following the negotiation progress of RCEP, CAEXPO will expand its territory from 10+1 to 10+6; and during the CAEXPO, Seminar of New Opportunities for Chinese SMEs in the RCEP Markets will be held.

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