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Guangxi Foreign Trade Increasing Rapidly

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2015-08-20 11:40:02

Under the slowly favorable turn of China import and export, Guangxi, China foreign trade surge with a high speed. As the statistical shown of Nanning Customs, from January to September this year, the total export and import amount of Guangxi foreign trade is 1510.7 billion Yuan, with an increase of 22.1%.
In order to prompt foreign trade growth effectively, Guangxi related governments take a series of supporting and incentive measures. “the Custom and other port joint inspection departments actively adopt the mode of optimizing customs declaration, simplification of  declaration and other convenient measures to improve the clearance efficiency. ”Lin Guozhong, Vice Deputy General of Nanning Customs, introduces that taking paperless export customs declaration for example, the national average time is 1.8h, but only 1.5h in Guangxi.
China Jiangxi Copper Corporation imports a large number of copper ore from Fangcheng port, Guangxi every year. “Because raw materials are all imported from abroad, we have to commute between corporation and customs in order to clear customs, which wastes time, labors and money.” Principal of the company procurement department says:” Now the customs carry out the declaration and release in the local customs, so we can conclude the goods declaration and release in Jiangxi, which is really convenient and saves the operating cost.”
 Among the principal trade partners of Guangxi, ASEAN is always the highlight of Guangxi foreign trade. The statistic shows that from January to September this year, the import and export of Guangxi to ASEAN is 715.9 billion Yuan, with an increase of 26.6%, which occupies 7.4% of the Guangxi foreign trade gross amount synchronously and becomes the biggest trade partners of Guangxi. Brazil is the second trade partners, which the total import export value is 98.2 billion Yuan, with a 37.8% increase.
Zhang Xiaoqin, Vice Governor of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region introduces that Guangxi and ASEAN are linked by mountains and rivers. They are not only the hard-working cultivator of friendly cooperation between China and ASEAN, but also the direct beneficiary. ASEAN has been the biggest trade partner of Guangxi for 13 consecutive years and ASEAN is the first cooperation and investment destination of Guangxi enterprise going out, and the second largest source of foreign capital.
Taiwan Lite-On IT Corporation, the second biggest CD-ROM device manufacturing enterprise, moves its whole notebook CD-ROM project to Beihai from Guangzhou at the beginning of the year.” What we prefer is the ASEAN market. Export from Guangxi is convenient and can reduce the cost greatly,” principal of the company, Liao Xuefu introduces.
“Releasing the supporting measures of foreign trade growth timely provides driving force for the increase of Guangxi foreign trade and simultaneously reduce the company burden so as to motivate the vitality of market entity and supply guarantees of foreign trade growth.” says Sun Xiaoying, researcher of Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences.

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