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Guangxi Registration System Reform Inspires Region-Wide Ventures

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2015-08-20 11:59:40


Correspondents (Wang Pinxia, Jiang Jianping, Wen Li, Yang Biao, Chen Qiujuan, Zhang Jie):  From March 1st, 2014, Guangxi launched the registration system reform of registered capital together with the rest of the country. Five months after the implementation of the reform, there is significant growth in the number of enterprises in Guangxi with optimized industrial structure. Region-wide investment is inspired and the number of enterprises and size of capital both increase rapidly.

From March 1st to August 15th, the number of enterprises in Guangxi reached 408,458, an increase of 15.8% over the same time last year. Among them, the number of enterprises newly registered is 33,110, 94.81% higher over last year; the total registered capital adds up to 189.615 billion yuan, an increase of 201.55% over last year. There are 228 enterprises newly registered with capital of over 100 million yuan, 119.23% higher than the same time last year. 39,129 newly registered enterprises are private ones, accounting for 97.25% of the total number of newly registered.

Influences of Guangxi Implementing Registration System Reform on Local Economic Development

The first influence is the stimulation of business venture and employment. From March 1st to August 15th, there are 40,366 enterprises newly registered in Guangxi. If each enterprise can provide an average of 15 jobs, the total number of jobs all these enterprises provide will be close to 600,000.

Second, the development of non-public sectors is strong. The 39,129 private and foreign enterprises account for 97.26% of the newly registered. Private investment and entrepreneurship has become the mainstay of Guangxi.

The third influence is the further optimization of the industrial structure. 32,401 enterprises of tertiary industry are newly registered, accounting for 80.27% of the total number, enhancing the proportion of tertiary industry to 74.41%, and the industrial restructuring being kept with a well-being trend. The proportion of 5 sectors, namely, wholesale and retailing, leasing and business services, real estate, scientific research and technical service, information transmission, and software and information technology service, take up 72.17% of enterprises newly registered.

Fourth is the easy accessibility. Since the reform has lowered the threshold of market access by simplifying procedures and canceling requirements of minimum registered capital, annual inspection reports, and capital verification report, the administrative efficiency of registration authorities at various levels has been largely enhanced. Thanks to the reform, the registration time limit has been shortened to 2 work days from 7-10 days. At the "green channel", certificate may even be issued upon the same day of application.

Measures and Features of Guangxi Implementing Registration System Reform

Leaders at all levels attach great importance to guarantee the reform. Leaders of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region attached great importance to the registration system reform, and listed it as the first special reform of Guangxi in 2014. As early as in the preparatory stage of the reform, Mr. Peng Qinghua, Secretary of CPC Guangxi Committee, and Mr. Chen Wu, Governor of Guangxi, have given specific instruction on the reform, special meeting was held by the Standing Committee of the CPC Guangxi and Guangxi government. After the deployment of the State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC), video conference was held by Guangxi government, requiring all departments to fully implement the reform. Guangxi Finance Department, Guangxi Administration of Industry and Commerce have allocated special fund to guarantee the upgrading of technical facilities for the reform. Prior to the implementation of the new system, Mr. Zhang Mao, Minister of SAIC and Mr. Lan Tianli, Vice Governor of Guangxi, went to Guangxi Administrative Service Center to inspect the preparatory work for registration system reform. Madame Zhang Hong, Director-General of Guangxi Administration of Industry and Commerce, and Mr. Liao Bin, Deputy Director-General of Guangxi Administration of Industry and Commerce paid several visits to Guangxi Administrative Service Center and municipal administrative service centers to check the preparation for the implementation of the reform. Most of the county- and district-level leaders have been to the administrative service centers to supervise work there. Fangchenggang government even increases staff at the registration window, and governments of all levels have allocated special funds to guarantee the smooth implementation of the reform.

Publicity and guidance are enhanced to create a favorable environment. The publicity department of CPC Guangxi Committee made the publicity plan, Guangxi leading group for overall reform held a news conference, and Madame Zhang Hong was invited by Guangxi TV Station as a guest speaker to address on TV the significance of registration system reform and answer questions raised by the public. Administration of Industry and Commerce of various levels give fully play to the function and influence of new media, such as the Internet and smart phones, actively strengthen contacts with the press, popularize the content and target of the reform through public service advertisements, video clips, pamphlets, hotlines, special column, SMS, and Weibo, etc., to create a favorable environment for the implementation of the new registration system. By the end of May, more than 1,000 publicity and consulting activities had been held, more than 500,000 pamphlets had been handed out, about 800,000 SMS and Weibo messages had been sent to about 6 million receivers. About 2,000 video clips of public service advertisements had been played, and about 200 articles had been published on media at central, provincial and municipal levels.

Coordination of supporting measures guarantees the smooth progressing of the reform. First, Guangxi Work Plan of Registration System Reform is enacted by the Guangxi government,  and joint conference is held to specify responsibilities, time limit and requirements. Guangxi Administration of Industry and Commerce, as the main undertaker, has establish a leading group for overall reform, with Madame Zhang Hong, Director-General as the head, to coordinate and promote the reform. Second, a special research group has been sent to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Shanghai for their pilot experiences. Third is the organization of training course region-wide on the registration system reform of registered capital.  And fourth is the Administration of Industry and Commerce at all levels carry out special inspection on the progress of the reform.

Fangchenggang city carried out pilot work of the reform. According to the actual situation in Guangxi, Fangchenggang was chosen as pilot city to carry out the reform, and the deployment for it was planned ahead of others. The pilot experience of Fangchanggang has proved to be fruitful, giving other cities in Guangxi duplicable  and referential experience.

Supportive legislation was actively promoted. First, Regulations on Business Domicile and Operation Site Registration in Guangxi was passed in the 30th Executive Meeting of the 12th People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and enacted from August 1st. Guangxi becomes the first in China to loosen the restriction on business domicile registration with local regulations

Second is to formulate the detailed rules for the implementation of the Regulations. According to the Regulations, Guangxi Administration of Industry and Commerce will undertake the formulation work, who is now working on it.

Service of the registration window is optimized to enhance registration efficiency. Since the registration system reform is carried out, telephone and on-site counseling at all levels has soared 3-6 times, and registration of business names has also increased 3-4 times. Besides that, the number of newly registered enterprises has gone up, and workload of adding additional registered capital has also increased greatly. At the registration window in Nanning, the average number of enterprises registered is 119, and average registration case is up to 850. Every day, about 300 applications of business names are approved. Hence, Guangxi Administration of Industry and Commerce has made the emergency plan in staff arrangement, window settings, system maintenance, etc. Registration windows of other cities/counties not only had rearrangement but also increase windows with more help. The reception capability of registration window in Nanning has increased by 5 times. The Administrations of Industry and Commerce in Nanning, Guilin, and Fangchenggan newly equipped with computers for DIY online registration, and updated computers and printers. Duty shift is carried out at the registration window and leaders of the administration will take turns on duty to collect comments, coordinate on site to solve problems, and supervise work. Staff at the registration window turn pressure into driven force, actively getting familiar with the policy and practicing the operation. They work overtime willingly without any complaint. With their professional knowledge, they patiently offer their service and answer the questions elaborately. 80% of the company name application is accepted and approved on the same day. The high efficiency wins praise from enterprise and the public and showcased the good image of the administration of industry and commerce.

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