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The 11th CAEXPO

Guangxi, Venue of CAEXPO: New Hub and Portal of “Maritime Silk Road”

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2015-08-20 14:51:25


With the same passion in organizing the China-ASEAN Expo, Guangxi is actively striving to be the hub and portal of 21st-century Maritime Silk Road. Located near sea and connecting with ASEAN countries by land, Guangxi has a strong land- and marine connectivity advantage. Besides, Guangxi has solid foundation in marine cooperation with ASEAN, which will play an irreplaceable role in jointly building the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road and cooperating with ASEAN countries in particular.

Striving to Be the New Hub and Portal of the Maritime Silk Road

Guangxi is the cradle of the ancient Maritime Silk Road and has successfully held 10 sessions of China-ASEAN Expo. Thus it has the confidence and advantages to be the new hub and portal of “Maritime Silk Road”. As early as in the Western Han Dynasty, Hepu County in Guangxi was one of the launching ports of China’s Maritime Silk Road, and Southeast Asian regions, connected by waters and mountains and in close proximity with China, have been the essential hub for Maritime Silk Road since ancient time.

China-ASEAN EXPO, which offers a platform for state leaders from both China and ASEAN countries to conduct friendly exchange and enhance political mutual trust, plays a significant role in promoting bilateral cooperation. CAEXPO, as is tailored for China-ASEAN FTA, has boosted the investment facilitation of China-ASEAN FTA from government level to enterprise level, and is playing the role of a "propeller" in the construction of China-ASEAN FTA. A number of Politicians-to-Businessmen dialogues have been held at each CAEXPO to promote the implementation of trade and economic cooperation. Besides, trade and economic supporting services in customs, quality inspection, finance, logistics and people-to-people exchanges have been held to for the comprehensive, sustained and stable development of bilateral friendship.

CAEXPO has become a recognized platform for China-ASEAN cooperation and an effective media to promote trade and investment facilitation.


The success of China-ASEAN Expo has put Guangxi on the frontier of China-ASEAN cooperation. China-ASEAN Expo with both the “hard power” in economy, science and technology, market and “soft power” in political motivation, mechanism build-up and cultural radiation, makes Guangxi eligible for being the new portal and hub for 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road.

Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi said, the ancient Silk Road was for business and trade, and we should put trade and economic cooperation as the priority in building the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road. With the promotion of China-ASEAN Expo over the past 10 years, China and ASEAN have built up the largest Free Trade Area among developing countries in the world. China has been ASEAN’s largest trading partner for 4 consecutive years, and ASEAN is the third largest trading partner for China. Therefore, Guangxi, with a close trade and economic connection with ASEAN nations, comes naturally as the portal and hub of 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road.
China-ASEAN Expo will directly help and support Guangxi to be the new hub and portal of the “Maritime Silk Road”.


The Pan-Beibu Gulf economic cooperation is an important sub-regional cooperation under the framework of China-ASEAN cooperation, while China-ASEAN Expo is the important platform for bilateral trade and economic cooperation. The Beibu Gulf port in Guangxi Beibu Gulf economic zone opened up various direct routes to Singapore, Bangkok , Haiphong city, Ho Chi Minh City, Port Kelang and established China-ASEAN port city cooperation network which is based in Qinzhou city and covers 47 port cities of ASEAN countries. Now the Beibu Gulf has 240 berths with berth capacity of 17 million ton and port handling capacity of 200 million ton. The Beibu Gulf has formed an industrial belt near harbors with support of important industry setting-up in petrochemicals, electronics and novel materials.

Building Industrial Belt on Harbors Alongside the Maritime Silk Road

While Guangxi is strengthening ports cooperation, China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park and Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park are built at the rear part of the ports, forming the international cooperation mode of “Two Countries; Two Parks” to promote the bilateral investment.

Guangxi will build 21st-Maritime Silk Road jointly with ASEAN nations in five aspects including connectivity, industrial cooperation, trade and logistics and finance along the Maritime Silk Road.

Currently, Guangxi is building the connectivity passageway to ASEAN nations and speeding up the connectivity of infrastructure connectivity in railway, highway, airline, ports, pipeline, telecommunication, electric transmission line so as to form the great pattern of land, air and marine connectivity. Guangxi actively joins in the construction of Pan-Beibu Gulf industrial cluster and enhances cooperation with ASEAN nations in coastal industries, emerging industries, marine economy, energy resources, tourism and modern service. Guangxi also promotes the acceleration of the establishment of China-ASEAN trade and logistics cluster center and China-ASEAN Commodities Trading Center.  Besides, financial exchange and cooperation with ASEAN nations is strengthened, by taking cross-border financial business innovation as the major task and exploring positively various ways of convert RMB capital account convertibility so as to enhance trade and investment facilitation and set up an opened modern financial system which fit in 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road establishment. Guangxi's advantages with ASEAN countries in people-to-people and cultural cooperation will be given to full play, and continuously cooperation with ASEAN countries in education, science and technology, hygiene, sports and poverty-alleviation will be expanded. In the meantime, tourism cooperation with ASEAN nations will be deepened, taking the outbound tourism as the focus to encourage tourists from countries along the Maritime Silk Road, so as to promote the construction Pan-Beibu Gulf and Maritime Silk Road tourism circle.

The “Maritime Silk Road” is both the historical symbol that marks the time-honored cooperation between China and ASEAN nations and the new strategy and belt to seek win-win results in the future. The 11th China-ASEAN Expo will highlight this theme in exhibitions layout, projects cooperation, conferences and forums, proactively promote the launching of the pilot projects in key cooperation areas on the “Maritime Silk Road” to realize early harvest and serve to achieve “policy coordination, road connectivity, unimpeded trade, monetary circulation and mutual understanding between peoples”.

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