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CAEXPO Providing Huge Cooperative Space for China and Indonesia

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2015-08-20 15:16:14


Indonesia has established relations with China long time ago. As an island country, Indonesia is greatly relied on the sea. H.E. Bayu Krisnamurthi, Deputy Trade Minster of Indonesia thinks that China and ASEAN have huge space in cooperation.
Q: China works closely with Indonesia in investment and trade. How do you appraise the current trade and economic cooperation between China and Indonesia?


Bayu Krisnamurthi: China and Indonesia have kept friendly relations for 2,000 years. China is the first cooperative partner of Indonesia. Currently, for Indonesia, the cooperation in trade lies in oil and natural gas export to China. The total export amount has reached 70 billion US dollars. I find this figure very good, and it is increasing. 

Q: In your opinion, what areas the two sides could have more cooperative potential?
Bayu Krisnamurthi: Indonesia is the largest ASEAN country with a population of about 250 million. Both China and Indonesia have a lot of population. We attach great importance to China because China has the ability to develop good technologies. In the future, we may cooperate in various areas such as energy, logistics, transportation and technology. I hope China will cooperate with Indonesia in these areas.
Q: CAEXPO has played as a platform in the exchange and cooperation between China and Indonesia. How, in your opinion, can CAEXPO further promote the China-Indonesia trade and economic cooperation?

Bayu Krisnamurthi: CAEXPO is very good platform for exhibition. It has enhanced multi-lateral trade by promoting Chinese products as well as ASEAN products. The Indonesian government highly values CAEXPO. Indonesian President, Vice President and ministerial level officials have all attended it because we can see the benefits of CAEXPO. I think this platform will increase and enhance trade of all participating countries.
Q: The Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the conception of China-ASEAN jointly building the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road last October. What function will this conception have in deepening the construction of China-ASEAN FTA and China-ASEAN cooperation in various areas?

Bayu Krisnamurthi: I hope that China and ASEAN will have closer and more modern ties, such as cooperation on E-commerce. I believe the two sides will expand economic and social cooperation, especially marine cooperation. Meanwhile, I also hope that China and ASEAN will broaden exchanges and communication on languages and culture. At present, Indonesia has set up 4 offices in China, in Nanning,  Shanghai, Tianjing and Yiwu, respectively. I believe the two sides will have more comprehensive cooperation and better development in more fields.

Q: How will Indonesia involve in building the 21st-Century Silk Road? Difficulties and challenges will be inevitable in jointly building the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road to achieve mutual benefits and win-win. In what way do you think China and ASEAN should strengthen cooperation and communication so as to overcome the difficulties?

Bayu Krisnamurthi: The significance of building of 21st-Century Silk Road is very apparent. Indonesia is considering keenly joining it. We take it as an opportunity. The building of the 21st-Century Silk Road is a gradual process and cannot be done overnight. I think we are going to learn from each other in the process of building it. The two sides should strengthen investment, especially on infrastructure facilities, such as roads, passageway, ports and infrastructure construction. Besides, the two sides should also enhance cooperation on trade, such as the expanding from "10+1" to "10+6", so that we may achieve greater development.

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