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Situated at the southwestern end of China's coastal area,Guangxi Beibu Gulf

Economic Zone mainly consists of four cities,that is ,Nanning, Beihai,Qinzhou

and Fandgchenggang,with a landmass of 42,500 square kilometers and a

population of over 12 million. To its east is Pearl River Delta, to its

south, Beibu Gulf, to its back,southwest China and to its front, Southeast

Asia. Standing at the convergence of South China economic rim, Southwestern

China economic rim and ASEAN economic rim, linking the east,middle and west

China,BGEZ plays an irreplaceable role in regional cooperation like PPRD, PBG

and between China and ASEAN. As the only area accessible to sea in west

China, BGEZ is regarded as the most convenient gateway to the sea for

Southwest China, a crucial bridge and base for enhancing comprehensive

cooperation between China and ASEAN and the frontline and key doorway linking

China with ASEAN and the rest of the world.