The CAEXPO is an international trade event that is co-sponsored by the ministries of commerce or trade & industry of China and the 10 ASEAN member states as well as the ASEAN Secretariat. With the completion of the China-ASEAN FTA, the bilateral cooperation between China and ASEAN in trade, investment and service maintains sound expansion and growth. The 12th CAEXPO that happens to take place in the year marking the China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation Year will feature "Maritime Silk Road of the 21st Century: Create A New Blueprint for Maritime Cooperation" as the theme, to facilitate the efforts to upgrade the China-ASEAN FTA, to implement the Belt and Road Initiatives and to build China and ASEAN into a Community of Common Destiny. And its investment promotion programs will remain important platforms for the two-way investment cooperation between China and ASEAN.

The CAEXPO is ready to welcome businesses coming from the whole world, in pursuit of partners within the CAFTA and beyond.

Pavilion of Investment CooperationEncourage Chinese enterprises to invest in ASEAN  


This pavilion features China's outward investment and economic cooperation in the ASEAN countries, gathering diverse cooperation forms like international project contracting, labor cooperation, infrastructures projects, resource developing, etc, thus to help Chinese and ASEAN cities and industrial parks to attract international capital, promote investment environment, policies and projects, and to have talks with potential partners.

On sideline, the China-ASEAN Infrastructure Cooperation Forum that is supported by the Ministry of Commerce of China and sponsored by China International Contractors Association, project briefings of China and the ASEAN countries and networking programs between project owners and investors of both sides will be arranged, for Chinese and ASEAN enterprises to meet and have face-to-face talks.

Major Exhibits : 

International Economic Cooperation Exhibition

International projects contracting, labor cooperation, infrastructure construction, resources development, IT, energy development, industrial park/zone development

Investment Cooperation Exhibition

With Maritime Silk Road of the 21st Century as the theme, showcase overseas economic cooperation zones, cross-border economic cooperation zones, bonded/free trade zones and projects on connectivity, maritime, financial, logistics, port and sea port cooperation, etc.

Major Programs :   

◆CAEXPO Roundtable Meeting on Investment Cooperation

◆Promotion Conference on ASEAN Industrial Parks

◆China-ASEAN Infrastructures Cooperation Forum

◆Chinese economic and commercial counselors in ASEAN meet and talk with entrepreneurs

◆Investment promotion conferences of the 10 ASEAN member countries and major

◆Promotion Conference on Dongxing-Mong Cai Cross-border Economic Cooperation Zone

◆ASEAN-Guangxi-Hong Kong Business Networking

◆Investment and Fund-raising Seminar

◆Projects Signing Ceremonies

Major Exhibitors at the Previous CAEXPOs :

China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co. LTD, China Aluminum Group Co. LTD, China International Water & Electric Corporation, China Road & Bridge Corporation, China General Technology (Group) Holding LTD, China Electronics Corporation, China National Machinery Imp. & Exp. Corp., China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, Shanghai International Economic and Technological Cooperation Association, Guangxi Investment Group

Pavilion of Advanced TechnologyCloser scientific & technological exchanges and cooperation between China and ASEAN  

This Pavilion features China's new achievements in scientific researches and technical transfer, and showcases technologies that fit the ASEAN markets, including green economy, energy conservation and environmental protection, new sources of energy, renewable energy, civil technologies, OME and IT products, etc.

Major Exhibits :

Advanced Technologies Exhibition

Display technology in modern agriculture, maritime development, energy saving and environmental protection, e-information

Major Programs :

◆China-ASEAN Forum on Technology Transfer and Innovation

◆China-ASEAN Forum on Maritime Technology Cooperation and Technology Transfer

◆Seminar on Thai Technology Cooperation

◆East Asia Summit New Energy Forum

◆China-ASEAN Technology Cooperation Project Road Show


At the 11th CAEXPO, 120 companies/institutions of China and ASEAN brought and showcased 140 projects on modern agricultural technology, new sources of energy, renewable energy, biopharmaceuticals, ICT and energy saving & environmental protection. Iconic ones from the Chinese side featuring equipment manufacturing, space technology and biopharmaceutical industry have captured the utmost interests.

Major Exhibitors at the Previous CAEXPOs:

China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd., Wuhan Opics Valley Beidou Holdings Co., Ltd., NEPTUNUS Group, China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation, China Association of Rural Energy Industry, Chongqing Changan Automobile Company Limited, Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd (HNC), National Engineering Research Center for Information Technology in Agriculture of China, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, China National Rice Research Institute, Beijing Control Technology Co., Ltd, UONONE Group, Guangxi East Asia Sugar Group, BGI, Guangxi Sacred New Energy Co., Ltd

Pavilion of Trade in ServicesPromote financial and tourism services and cultural cooperation between China and ASEAN  

With the development of the China-ASEAN FTA, the China-ASEAN cooperation in service trade maintains a strong momentum. The bilateral trading volume has surged rapidly, and the two sides have become more complementary with each other when it comes to industrial foundation, industrial mix and development speed and stages of relevant sectors. Pavilion of Trade in Services of the 11th CAEXPO will highlight financial and tourism services and cultural cooperation.

Major Exhibits : 

Corporate financial services, tourism and cultural cooperation

Major Programs :

◆Seminar on Financial Supports for Outward Investment

◆Pan-beibu Gulf Equity Investment Forum

Major Exhibitors at the Previous CAEXPOs:

Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Band of China, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, Bank of Beijing, China CITIC Bank, Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank, Guangxi Rural Credit Union & Cooperative Bank, Postal Savings Bank of China, China Huarong Asset Management Corporation, Vietnam Sacombank, Singapore DBS Bank, Brunei Wing On Travel & Trade

Pavilion of Cities of Charm  

China and the 10 ASEAN member countries will choose one city as their own City of Charm at the 12th CAEXPO. Relevant promotion conferences and networking activities between cities will be arranged during the fair period.

The 12th CAEXPO Cities of Charm: Hong Kong (China), Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei), Singapore, to be continued…


Highlights of Investment Promotion ProgramsNew platforms for two-way investment exchanges between China and ASEAN  

The 12th CAEXPO will continue to arrange the Promotion Conference on ASEAN Industrial Parks with the theme on "Promoting Port & Logistics Cooperation". Representatives of relevant ASEAN industrial parks will be invited to give presentations on managerial experience, and the image display of the ASEAN industrial parks will be arranged, as always.

The 3rd China-ASEAN Conference on Technology Transfer and Innovation, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, aims to contribute to the implementation of China-ASEAN Science & Technology Partnership Program and to give full play to the working mechanisms of the two sides and the China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center to enhance bilateral cooperation in modern agriculture, new energy & renewable energy, biopharmaceutical, e-information, energy saving & environmental protection and ocean technology, etc. Sideline programs include high-end cooperation forum, Ocean Technology Cooperation and Technology Transfer Forum, East Asia Summit New Energy Forum, Thai Technological Cooperation Seminar, networking programs for technology in key areas, survey trips to local enterprises and industrial parks. Relevant government officials, experts from institutes, chambers of commerce/associations and enterprises from China and ASEAN will be invited to join in to share their wisdom.

Sponsored by China International Contractors Association, this forum will discuss Chinese and ASEAN connectivity policies, issues concerning the bilateral cooperation in infrastructure construction and new opportunities brought by the Belt and Road initiatives. Speakers will give presentations on the urban infrastructure construction, fund raising of the infrastructure facilities, construction of high-speed railway and engineering/energy equipment, in particular, the problems of collaboration in technologies, standards, fund-raising, financial support, risk analysis and legal issues.


This program is co-sponsored by the Department of Asian Affairs of the Ministry of Commerce of China and the CAEXPO Secretariat, to which will invite Chinese economic and commercial counselors in the 10 ASEAN member states. They will highlight connectivity and financial cooperation between China and ASEAN and discuss the issues on finance, laws and risks that the Chinese investors encounter with in the ASEAN countries, so as boost the investment from Chinese SOEs, private sectors in these nations.


This Program remains one of the most important investment promotion programs of the CAEXPO, which aims to facilitate the matching of projects and capitals between China and ASEAN. Pre-matching will be done in line with the information on projects and investors' intentions collected and sorted out by professional software, and face-to-face talks will be arranged during the fair period, helping them locate and meet with their potential partners in the shortest possible span of time. This year, projects on technology transfer, contracting, financial cooperation and industrial park developing will be brought as usual. This Seminar also provides consulting services that the Chinese investors in the ASEAN countries need in supporting policies, capital, technology, equipment, project and channels.


Relevant activities will include talks of Chinese financial institutes with Chinese SOEs and private sector to invest in ASEAN, orientations on financial policies and fund-raising workshops for enterprises, etc. This program will highlight those financial services that can facilitate Chinese enterprises in outward investment like credit insurance, investment insurance, e-commerce offshore settlement and RMB cross-border settlement. ASEAN IPA officials, financial experts and renowned entrepreneurs will be invited to talk on financial supporting policies, investment environment and risks in the ASEAN countries. And enterprises that intend to invest in ASEAN or raise funds will have the chances to meet and talk with banks and banking groups for obtaining the financial supports they need.

A Splendid CAEXPO  

Business matching services: We will provide trade and project pre-matching services in line with your intentions, and arrange face-to-face talks for you to easily find your potential partners during the CAEXPO

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